Real Wonder Woman Shield Created by Man At Arms: Reforged

Ahead of the release of Wonder Woman, the folks at Man at Arms: Reforged have recreated Diana Prince's shield in real-life. Gal Gadot made her debut as the superhero Wonder Woman last year, in Zack Snyder's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - the follow-up to Man of Steel - which officially launched the DC Extended Universe. Before she appears in Snyder's Justice League later this year though, Gadot will be reprising her role in Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

The next chapter in the DC Extended Universe takes audiences back to World War I for Diana Prince's origin story. We will see how the Princess of Themyscira grew up to become the hardened warrior we saw in Batman V Superman. As an Amazon, Diana has been endowed with unique superpowers that most heroes wouldn't dream of having. Just like many other heroes though, Diana requires certain equipment to fight supervillains like Ares, the God of War. Equipment like her shield.

In one of the latest episodes of Man at Arms: Reforged, the team behind the popular YouTube series recreated Wonder Woman's shield from scratch. Although the shield was made in advance of this summer's film, the prop itself resembles the one seen in Batman V Superman - in regards to color and condition, likely due to years of battles - more than it does the one Diana uses in Jenkins' film. Check out the shield being forged in the video above.

Several aspects of the DC Extended Universe have taken inspiration from DC Comics' New 52 universe, particularly the inclusion of Cyborg as one of the founding members of the Justice League. In regards to Wonder Woman though, Diana Prince mentions that she was brought to life by Zeus. In the comics, she was the demigoddess offspring of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta. Another thing taken from the comics is her shield. It's something that she has been seen using much more often in the recent comics than she did in the past.

While the Lasso of Truth may be her most iconic weapon, her shield is what defends her in combat. We've seen that in the trailers for Jenkins' film as well as fighting Doomsday in Batman V Superman. The shield created by the people at Man at Arms may not be able to defend someone against Ares, but it's still an impressive recreation of one of the pieces of equipment used by one of pop culture's most iconic figures. Wonder Woman releases next week, and we'll see if that shield does its job in protecting Diana Prince against her mortal enemies.

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Source: YouTube

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