Wonder Woman: Set Photo Shows Diana With Chief

A brand new on-set photo from Wonder Woman featuring Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Chief (Eugene Braverock) surfaces online.

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A new on-set photo from Wonder Woman featuring Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) and Chief (Eugene Braverock) has surfaced online. With the release of the highly anticipated Wonder Woman solo movie less than a month away on June 2, it seems that a day doesn't go by without more material being revealed from the upcoming DCEU superhero adventure. This weekend alone, a new on-set photo of Gadot and director Patty Jenkins made its debut, and Gadot teased on her Twitter account a "wonder"-ful surprise at the MTV Movie & TV Awards. All indications are pointing to the surprise being the final Wonder Woman trailer, perhaps giving the first look at villain Ares that fans have been pining for.

On Sunday, Wonder Woman enthusiast Wonder Gal posted on her Twitter account a new on-set photo of Gadot (as Diana), on the set of the film, with Braverock as Chief. The actor will look familiar to those paying close attention to the revelation of Diana's past in 2016's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, where Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) uncovered a vintage photo of Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and others, including Chief.  Here's the tweet:

New #WonderWoman image featuring Gal Gadot and Eugene Braverock as Chief. He is also a part of Diana's group.

— #WonderGal (@amazonheroicon) May 7, 2017

For context, Wonder Gal also included a cropped, closer look at the vintage photo featuring Gadot and Braverock. Since the two actors are in costume for the on-set photo, it's reasonable to guess that Braverock will appear in more than one scene in Wonder Woman. How much the Chief is featured in the film is unclear (he hasn't appeared in any of the trailers yet), but since the vintage photo of Wonder Woman, Steve, Chief and two others in their group is so pivotal in Batman V Superman, a scene that stages the iconic photo is bound to take place in Wonder Woman at some point.

It's going to be an exciting next few weeks as anticipation continues to build for Wonder Woman, especially following her butt-kicking debut in Batman V Superman. A positive first reaction to the film surfaced online last week, comparing the "exciting and entertaining" Wonder Woman to the first Captain America film, and the first official clip from the film was released Friday. Pine, who is featured in the clip with Gadot, also promoted the film while hosting Saturday Night Live this weekend, poking fun at himself in opening monologue for getting confused with other stars in the superhero universe named Chris: Chris Pratt, Chris Evans, and Chris Hemsworth.

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Source: Wonder Gal

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