Wonder Woman: Geoff Johns 'Can’t Confirm' Sequel Plans

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It is shaping up to be a very important year for the DC Extended Universe. After three divisive films, Warner Bros. and DC Films are hoping that 2017 can help right the wrongs of the universe. To start this reshaping of the DCEU, a lot of pressure has been put (fairly or not) on the shoulders of Wonder Woman. However, even with loftier expectations attached, the marketing for the big-budget female solo superhero movie has continued to create even more excitement, and more importantly, confidence that the film will be good.

Set in World War I, Gal Gadot's solo outing will pair her with a talented director in Patty Jenkins. Thanks to the buzz surrounding the film and its prime summer release, Wonder Woman appears to be a film that will ultimately kick off a franchise for WB. However, as of this time, any talk of a sequel may be premature.

Head of DC Films Geoff Johns was present for the WB panel at WonderCon today and was asked about the possibility of a sequel to the film. Instead of responding in a manor that alludes to a strong possibility for a second film, Johns simply said, "I can’t confirm that."

This could be just an overreaction at this point, but it is interesting that Johns would phrase it in such a way that doesn't exude confidence. Whereas Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios has made it clear that certain franchises will be continued and are part of their plans, Johns' response makes it appear that they are taking more of a wait and see approach with what happens.

On the other hand however, Johns' statement could actually be as true as it can be. WB has not officially announced plans for a sequel, so the reason he can't confirm the future of the franchise is because he isn't allowed to, yet. They could very well be working on a sequel and signing the contracts necessary to do so. After announcing a plethora of films at this point, he could simply be waiting on all deals to be official and a schedule ready so they can announce the film without any hiccups along the way. After all, Jenkins has already said she has plans for future movies.

However, if WB truly is not for sure moving forward with a sequel, the chances of that happening could largely depend on the reception to Wonder Woman. The financial success of the movie will undoubtedly play a role in the future of this potential franchise, but the critical success could determine that as well. Then again, WB is moving forward with sequels on two of their previous films, each of which had mixed reviews at best. All this is to say, if fans want to see more solo movies for Wonder Woman, the best thing they can do is see this first movie many times.

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Source: WonderCon WB Panel

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