Wonder Woman's 2nd Weekend Is Bigger Than BvS and Suicide Squad

Warner Bros. has a certifiable hit on their hands with Wonder Woman, which just had the biggest second weekend of any DCEU film. After three divisive but ultimately profitable releases, WB's DC Extended Universe has got the proper jumpstart it needed with the launch of Gal Gadot's solo film. Her Diana Prince was already a bright spot in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the negative reception to the film hurt its long-term prospects, failing to crack a billion dollars worldwide. The same was true for the other DCEU films prior to Wonder Woman; each had big openings but substantial drop offs the week after.

Since it launched with over $100 million domestically last weekend, it became clear that Wonder Woman would top the box office in its second weekend and push aside Universal's The Mummy. The weekend estimates are extremely high for Wonder Woman following its small Friday drop and will result in it setting a DCEU record.

Exhibitor Relations is reporting that Wonder Woman is going to drop merely 45% in its second weekend, which will be enough to pull in roughly $57 million domestically. This total pushes the film past the $200 million in total domestically, and north of $400M worldwide. This low drop from weekend to weekend is not only much lower than previous DCEU films, but it also allowed for Wonder Woman's $57M weekend to be the best second weekend in DCEU history.

Thanks to the quality of the film and the incredibly positive buzz the Patty Jenkins directed blockbuster has received, it should not come as a surprise to see it continue to do well at the box office. That said, dropping only 45% is rare for blockbusters of this size and comic book films in general, so for Wonder Woman to do it after still having a higher than anticipated opening weekend is quite impressive and shows the potential of the DCEU.

BvS earned $52M in its second weekend, but experienced a 68% drop; Suicide Squad earned $43M and dropped 67%; and Man of Steel earned $41M and dropped 65%. If Wonder Woman had experienced a similar 60% drop this weekend, it would have only pulled in about $40M. But, with people eager to see this film on repeat viewings and it being one of the best films in theaters at the moment, Wonder Woman should continue make its presence felt in the weeks to come. The question now is how high can it go, with Man of Steel the next barrier to pass.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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