'Wonder Woman' Pilot Getting Script Rewrite, Lynda Carter Cameo?

Rumor out of NBC is that David E. Kelly's 'Wonder Woman' pilot is getting a script rewrite in order to up the action, and the original TV Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, may make an appearance on the new show.

Possible script revisions for Wonder Woman

The pilot for NBC's Wonder Woman has already begun filming, with a full season on tap. But negative reaction from around the internet may have led the producers to already call for rewrites.

While the feedback from Adrianne Palicki's costume has been resoundingly dour (even after the refresh), that's not the only thing that has fans balking. Wonder Woman's move to Los Angeles also saw her becoming an executive of a cosmetics company - a career very much in line with showrunner David E. Kelley's previous leading ladies.

Speaking of Kelley, those who read the Wonder Woman script drew some comparisons to Ally McBeal - not high praise for the Princess of the Amazons. As Diana Prince juggles three separate identities and a struggle to fit in, she fights crime on the side, foiling villains including Elizabeth Hurley as Veronica Cale.

The latest rumor out of NBC is that revisions to the script call for more violence and less contemplation; kicking more butt, taking less names. A few points of the script are highlighted as Wonder Woman shows off her strength and attitude: henchman up by their throats, crushing rude motorists' wrists and the like. You know, things a superhero would do.

These scenes are short and sweet, and likely added to the pilot to flesh out its action potential. A much more action-oriented final act is introduced (including eye-gouging!) and Wonder Woman's crime-fighting motivation is better explained. All these additions may lead to a two-hour premiere episode.

There's also some new content thrown in to post-pilot episodes, particularly fleshing out the relationship between Diana and perennial love interest Steve Trevor. A flashback to Trevor's crash landing on Themiscyra Paradise Island, the beginning of Wonder Woman's journey to man's world, is included.

lynda carter may appear in the wonder woman reboot

Then there's the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter. Speaking on a daytime talk show, the actress revealed that she preferred her own costume, though the comment was light-hearted. She also had nothing but high praise for Kelley, and hinted at a possible collaboration:

"I've talked to David E. Kelley, who's a brilliant writer, a number of times and we're hoping to plan something. But I cannot reveal. . . David E. Kelley is full of surprises, so you never know what's going to happen."

While the early response to the reboot has been tepid at best, things are looking up. It would seem that the writers and producers have heard the message: keep the "wonder" in Wonder Woman.

Source: io9 via /Film

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