Wonder Woman Runtime Reportedly Revealed

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Warner Bros. is a month away from releasing Wonder Woman in theaters and we may now know its runtime. Gal Gadot previously made her debut in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and despite the divisiveness of the film overall, she was able to get audiences more interested in Wonder Woman. Thankfully for those that did find a connection with the character, WB already had wrapped production on Wonder Woman to assure fans it would come out just over a year after Batman V Superman.

Now, there is barely any time left in which audiences have to wait around for the first female led (and directed thanks to Patty Jenkins) superhero blockbuster to hit theaters. This would typically indicate the final days of post-production, but with screenings and advanced ticket sales beginning this month, it looks like Wonder Woman may have a runtime.

Reddit user IAmBatman412 shared a screenshot from the process of buying advanced tickets for Wonder Woman in the UK and in doing so has revealed what could be the film's official runtime. If this theater/seller has the proper information, Wonder Woman will be clocking in at 141 minutes, or 2 hours and 21 minutes, giving audiences plenty of time to experience the heroine's tale. However, this is not official (yet), so the actual runtime could become longer or shorter in the coming weeks.

Gal Gadot Wonder Woman

As an origin story, this is an adequate length for the film to have enough time to flesh out the world and Diana's story, but also not too long where they could overstuff the film. There have yet to be substantiated reports of a troubled production for this DCEU film or indications that Jenkins' initial cut was larger, so there is hardly any reason to think that this is a bad sign. Truth be told, movie runtimes do not guarantee one way or the other how good/bad they will be, as a great movie will leave audiences wanting even more, while bad movies have them waiting to leave.

To compare Wonder Woman to its fellow DCEU releases, it falls just behind Man of Steel (2h 23m) and well short of BvS (2h 31m). However, it is quite longer than the most recent release, Suicide Squad (2h 3m). If production has run as smoothly as it appears, then this length should be exactly what Jenkins desires. After all, she not only has the task of giving Wonder Woman the star treatment the hero deserves, but also must build out the world of Themyscira, explore Diana's relationship with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), establish the World War I setting, and give proper time to the film's big bad: Ares. That's a lot of story to fold together, but this runtime should be able to do the job.

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Source: Reddit

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