Wonder Woman: Regal Cinemas Offering $100 Ultimate Ticket

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman fans have a chance to see the movie over and over again during its initial release, thanks to Regal Cinemas. Gal Gadot's starring debut as the title character is one of the most anticipated movies of the year, and for good reason. From its strong female lead to its mysterious villain to its character-driven action scenes, Wonder Woman has a chance to be a uniquely memorable outlier in the super-crowded realm of modern superhero movies.

It remains to be seen whether Wonder Woman can rescue the DC Extended Universe from its current run of critical disappointments. But there will surely be enough diehard fans of the character that will nonetheless want to see the movie multiple times. Some may even want to go back to the theaters again and again and again to get their Wonder Woman fix. That's where Regal Cinemas comes in.

The Regal Entertainment Group is offering a unique opportunity for Wonder Woman fans with the "Ultimate Ticket," which was revealed on the company's official website on Wednesday. The ticket costs $100 (plus shipping) and will allow purchasers to see Wonder Woman at Regal locations once every business day for the entirety of the movie's initial run in theaters. The ticket works for all film formats, including IMAX, 4DX, RPX, and 3D.

The ticket is not just valuable in terms of its virtually unlimited accessibility. The ticket itself is also a collectible item for Wonder Woman fans. Emblazoned with the Wonder Woman logo etched on textured anodized steel, the card will also be personalized with the name listed on the purchaser's shipping address. Regal Crown Club members will also receive 10,000 bonus points on their accounts with their purchase.

Diehard fans of Wonder Woman could find this purchase well worth the $100. It takes six or seven IMAX viewings to add up to the total for a ticket that would allow viewers to see the movie dozens of times if they wanted to. And even after the card expires, it would make a nice keepsake for any fan of the iconic superhero.

Of course, there's no guarantee that Wonder Woman will be a good-enough movie to justify spending $100 for the ability to watch it over and over for weeks on end. Even the best DCEU movies haven't been that addictive. But the promise of a fresh take on the character and the potential to be the best DCEU movie yet will be enough for Wonder Woman to reel in many fans for at least a big opening weekend. Fans who ultimately plan to see the movie several times may see the "Ultimate Ticket" as money well spent.

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Source: Regal Entertainment Group

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