Wonder Woman Promo Featured on Supergirl Season 2 Finale

Supergirl Wonder Woman

The ladies of Supergirl made a promo for Wonder Woman. Tonight ends the second season of Supergirl. The series is known for its amazing roles for women, and this season has seen the inclusion of several more female characters. Among them are police woman -- and love interest for Alex -- Maggie Sawyer, white martian with a conscience M'gann M'orzz, president and secret alien Olivia Marsdin, Kara's new BFF Lena, and enemies Lillian Luthor and Queen Rhea.

Now that Supergirl will be on hiatus until the fall, that does not mean there won't be any female superheros gracing our screens. In less than two weeks Wonder Woman will be in theaters. Wonder Woman is the fourth film in the DC Extended Universe and the first to center on a female character -- though Diana was prominent in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the ensemble Suicide Squad featured a number of female anti-heroes.

Since both Wonder Woman and Supergirl have their origins in DC Comics, the decision was made for a little crossover promotion. In the promo -- which aired on The CW during the Supergirl finale -- several female characters from Supergirl lend their support to Wonder Woman and her iconic wardrobe.

In the alien bar where much of Supergirl's second season has taken place, the song These Boots are Made for Walking starts up on the jukebox -- courtesy of someone wearing a familiar pair of wrist cuffs. Supergirl walks through the bar, her trademark books crashing down powerfully on the floor. Alex and President Marsdin are both there as well, rocking their own stylish footwear. But when Daxamite Queen Rhea shows up in the flashiest boots of all, nearly everyone is ready for a fight. Instead, Rhea offers a rare compliment to someone off camera. "Nice boots."

That someone is Kara Danvers, and the boots are Wonder Woman's. Kara informs Rhea that she borrowed them from a friend. She then brings her wrists together with an audible click, indicating that the boots are not the only article of clothing she borrowed from Wonder Woman. There is also a bit of a passing of the baton, due to the presence of Lynda Carter as President Marsdin. Carter is best known for playing Wonder Woman in the '70s TV series of the same name. In response to Kara's outfit choice, she tips her signature wink from the show, giving a bit of approval from the first Wonder Woman to the next.

Finally, a little footage from Wonder Woman the film is shown. It's just a few seconds, but it focuses on just how powerful those boots and wrist cuffs actually are.

Supergirl will continue with season 3 on The CW beginning in the fall of 2017.

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Source: The CW

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