Wonder Woman Prequel Series Amazon Won't Be Revived By The CW

The CW confirms they have no plans to put their Wonder Woman prequel series, Amazon, back into active development in the wake of Warner Bros' Patty Jenkins-directed solo movie. The CW first announced they were developing the live-action Wonder Woman series in 2012, with Allan Heinberg on board to write the pilot script. Amazon was taken out of active development in 2014, as revealed by The CW head Mark Pedowitz during that year's Television Critics Association summer press tour. Of course, a live-action version of Diana Prince was later introduced to Warner Bros' DC Extended Universe in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice played by Gal Gadot.

Interestingly, Heinberg went on to help script the DCEU's Wonder Woman movie along with DC Films head Geoff Johns. The movie debuted earlier this summer to largely positive reviews, and has since become the highest grossing DCEU film at the U.S. box office - and only trails behind Batman V Superman at the worldwide box office. Warner Bros. announced a Wonder Woman sequel at San Diego Comic-Con last month, which will hit theaters in 2019. Unfortunately for fans of the superheroine, that will be the only chance to see Wonder Woman star in her own live-action project again.

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During their presentation at this year's TCA summer press tour, Pedowitz confirmed The CW has no plans to put Amazon back into active development despite the success of Jenkins' Wonder Woman film. Of course, it's likely The CW took Amazon out of active development due to Warner Bros' big screen plans for the character - as was the case with Arrow altering its plans to include the Suicide Squad before David Ayer's DCEU entry was given the green light.

While it may seem as though The CW - and its co-parent company, Warner Bros. - is missing an opportunity to capitalize on Wonder Woman's current popularity by not moving forward with Amazon, it's likely that some of the show's basis actually appeared in Jenkins' movie. Since Heinberg was originally on board to script the TV series and went on to work with Johns on the Wonder Woman movie, it's possible his vision for Diana's arc of growing up on Themyscira was portrayed in the film - albeit in an abridged version. Certainly, the Amazons in Wonder Woman were praised by many after the film's debut, and they'll even appear again along with Diana in Justice League later this year.

Additionally, The CW already has five DC Comics superhero shows in its lineup, with additional comic-based series in Archie Comics' Riverdale and Vertigo's iZombie. With Black Lightning set to join the network in early 2018, it's understandable that the network would want to put any other potential DC series on the backburner - for now, at least.

Certainly, fans of Wonder Woman would have liked to see a prequel series focusing on the Themysciran princess, especially since we've only gotten two live-action iterations of the DC Comics hero - which is miniscule compared to the various incarnations of Superman and Batman. Perhaps, if the DCEU ever winds down - though there's no reason to believe it will anytime soon - The CW can consider reviving Amazon once again.

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