Wonder Woman Poster Recreated With LEGO Figure

One of the posters for Warner Bros' Wonder Woman gets a LEGO makeover. Ever since The LEGO Movie became the surprise smash hit of the year in 2014, there's been an upsurge in the number of artists re-creating images and scenes in the iconic building toy. With the release of The LEGO Batman Movie this year, DC characters made of the building blocks have been front and center for many fans. Earlier this month, several iconic Batman movie posters were remade in LEGO to celebrate the home release of the film.

And now, with the DCEU's Wonder Woman only one week away, it shouldn't be a surprise to anyone to learn that Diana Prince has also been getting the LEGO treatment from various fans. There's a lot of posters and sneak peeks of the film for fans to choose from, and now one studio has made a LEGO version of a poster, and promises a LEGO re-working of one of the TV spots to come soon.

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The image is a fantastic re-creation of the poster, right down to the LEGO-ized Wonder Woman logo at the bottom. The promise of a TV spot coming soon is particularly interesting, although the studio chose not to give any hints as to which TV spot they will be recreating, or when exactly it will be released.

Obviously, this is not officially connected with Warner Bros or the DCEU in any way, and is only a fan homage to the upcoming movie. It also will be recreating an existing TV spot, rather than depicting any new scenes.

That said, this is a really fun way to promote the film, and show off Huxley Berg's talents as an animator and image designer at the same time. The studio creates a whole range of videos based on TV and film, but the majority of their work does focus on superheros and superhero movies, so it's also likely that this won't be the only upcoming DC movie to get the LEGO treatment from them.

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Source: Huxley Berg Studios

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