Wonder Woman Officially Rated PG-13

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R-rated superhero movies have been making headlines recently, as the latest film in the X-Men franchise, Logan, broke box office records with an R rating. Following the massive success of another R-rated superhero movie, Deadpool, fans are increasingly asking for more superhero movies that are adult-oriented. With the news that DC is "open to" making R-rated movies, fans have been asking which properties may be next to get truly violent. Some suggestions have included Lobo or Gotham City Sirens for DC, Venom for Sony, and X-Force for Fox.

Despite the buzz around R-rated superheroes, there was little doubt that DC's next superhero offering, Wonder Woman, wouldn't be joining their uber-violent ranks, and now it's been officially confirmed that she is a more family-friendly superhero.

Today, the Motion Picture Association of America's Classification and Rating Administration officially confirmed that Wonder Woman will be given a PG-13 rating. The rating is for the same reasons that most superhero movies get a PG-13 classification, some violence and romance:

Rated PG-13 for sequences of violence and action, and some suggestive content.

Wonder Woman - Chris Pine as Steve Trevor

This is no surprise, as we all know that Wonder Woman was going to include fight scenes and larger battles, as it is both a superhero movie and one set in war time. We've already seen several clips of Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) showing off her combat skills, and there was little doubt that this would garner a PG-13 rating at least. The "suggestive content" is presumably connected to her love story with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), although there may also be some winks and nudges to romance on Themyscira, which would also be considered "suggestive."

We're happy to get this official confirmation, even if it's not a surprise that Wonder Woman will be a PG-13 film. Previous movies in the DCEU have also held a PG-13 certification, and been able to showcase phenomenal fight sequences and that dark and gritty tone that the franchise is known for. Wonder Woman isn't the kind of film (or character) that really necessitates a more adult rating, and with many fans hoping to see something a little lighter than previous DCEU offerings, a PG-13 is the rating what they wanted.

On the other hand, there will certainly be some who were hoping to see Wonder Woman's darker side, despite the fact that the film was called "more optimistic" than previous DCEU installments. Those fans will just have to keep hoping that DC decides to release an R-rated cut of the Wonder Woman animated movie, as was rumored earlier this month.

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Source: MPAA

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