Patty Jenkins Clears Up Confusion Over Wonder Woman's No Man's Land Scene

Director Patty Jenkins is clearing up the confusion over the Wonder Woman No Man's Land scene in a new interview with Richard Donner about the hit DCEU film. While Wonder Woman was a box office and critical success for the superhero genre, there was some controversy a little while back about the stunning scene being almost cut by Warner Bros.

In the scene, Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) becomes Wonder Woman as she reveals her iconic armor, pulls out her shield and steps into the deserted field known as No Man's Land, right in the line of fire, because she thought saving the innocent lives on the other side was the right thing to do, despite being warned of the dangers by her fellow male companions. It's an empowering moment in the film, but there was some confusion from Warner Bros. about the purpose of the scene and what she is going to do when she steps onto the field.

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In a new interview with Richard Donner, Patty Jenkins is clearing up come of the confusion regarding the scene and Warner Bros. initial hesitancy. Here is what she said (take a look at the full interview here):

"I feel badly about this because it's been reported that Warner Bros. was against it, which it was not, it was my own people in England. It was our own crew who were, at points, going, 'Why are you doing this scene? She's not even fighting anything,' So Warner Bros. was not unsupportive of the No Man's Land scene. It was much more in-process that everybody was like, 'What's this scene for? There's no one to fight.'"

"I kept saying it was only about her, it's not about anybody else,"

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman Diana Prince in Justice League

This explanation makes a lot more sense, considering the scene is one of the most powerful in the film, it never made sense for WB to try to pressure Jenkins into cutting it. It just wouldn't be the same Wonder Woman without it, as it has since become one of the most iconic moments in comic-book movie history. It's definitely encouraging to learn that Warner Bros. was never against the scene being in the film in the first place, and the resistance that fans were hearing about was merely the typical grind of the creative process.

The interview also sheds another light on the scene that Jenkins has alluded to before in interviews that the No Man's Land scene is all about Diana Prince becoming Wonder Woman, it's not about fighting the enemy or about showing off her superpowers, but about her major transformation as a character. While seeing Diana become the full blown Wonder Woman during her first movie, Jenkins has voiced her enthusiasm for a fully formed Diana Prince in Wonder Woman 2, currently expected to jump forward to the Cold War era.

The next appearance of the Amazon hero, however, is Justice League coming up in November, where we will also see a fully formed Wonder Woman teaming with Batman to bring the rest of the Justice League together to face the Apokaliptan General Steppenwolf.

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Wonder Woman is available on Digital HD now and will be available on Blu-ray September 19.

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