Wonder Woman Director Reflects On Her Thor 2 Experience

Patty Jenkins Talks About Thor 2

Patty Jenkins has opened up about what it was like leaving as the director on Marvel's Thor: The Dark World. The comments came during the filmmaker's recent participation in the press tour for Wonder Woman - her latest directorial effort that gives Gal Gadot's Diana Prince the chance to shine in her first ever standalone film. Despite the lackluster responses to both Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad last year as well, early reactions to Wonder Woman have been overwhelmingly positive up until this point, with many going out of their way to praise Jenkins for her work at the helm of it all.

However, if everything had worked out between the filmmaker and Marvel Studios back in 2011, Wonder Woman would have technically been Jenkins' second official superhero film. Jenkins was, after all, originally set to direct 2013's Thor: The Dark World, which would have made her the first female director to make a film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the director eventually left the project near the end of 2011 over "creative differences," and was later replaced by Game of Thrones veteran, Alan Taylor.

While recently speaking with Uproxx about Wonder Woman, Jenkins talked about what it felt like leaving Thor 2 originally, and when asked if she still could have made the DC standalone film had she directed the Thor sequel, the filmmaker responded:

"No. I don’t think I could have made a good movie out of Thor 2 because I wasn’t the right director. And I don’t think I would have been in the running for Wonder Woman as a result. And that’s one of the reasons why I’m glad I didn’t do it. Because I could have made a great Thor if I could have done the story that I was wanting to do. But I don’t think I was the right person to make a great Thor out of the story they wanted to do... I was heartbroken. I was like, oh, what a bummer. But in retrospect it all makes sense."

Jane Foster and Thor in The Dark World

All in all, it's easy to see why Jenkins might look back on what happened, and be glad she didn't end up directing Thor: The Dark World. Without her at the helm, the film wound up being directed by Taylor, and while it was met with mildly positive reviews upon its initial release (the film has a 66% on Rotten Tomatoes), has since gone down in history as one of Marvel's most lackluster outings to date.

Meanwhile, Jenkins is already racking up a fair amount of positive buzz and acclaim for herself with her work on Wonder Woman, with many already asking her if she'll be involved in the Wonder Woman sequels and what her ideas for them might be. That's not too bad considering Wonder Woman is the first feature film that Jenkins has made since 2003's Monster. So while things might not have been looking up for Jenkins back in 2011, they couldn't be any more positive right now, and all it took was her getting the chance to make the Wonder Woman movie that many fans have been waiting their entire lives to see.

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Source: Uproxx

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