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Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins appears to be open to directing a future Star Wars film, if an opportunity presents itself. While Jenkins first won acclaim for directing Charlize Theron to her Best Actress Oscar win for the 2003 true-life crime drama Monster, Wonder Woman catapulted the helmer into an entirely new realm this summer.

Pulling in more than $100 million in domestic ticket sales in its opening weekend in June, Wonder Woman not only set a new record for the biggest opening ever for a female director, the film went on to steamroll the competition throughout the summer making more than $400 million domestically and $800 million worldwide.

Basically, Wonder Woman has given Jenkins the power to punch her own ticket to wherever she wants to go from here, which by all indications will start with her direction of Wonder Woman 2, which is set for a December 2019 release. The deal, which will make Jenkins the highest-paid female director ever, is just the beginning, and there is no doubt other tentpole productions are waiting to court Jenkins after her second trip with Gal Gadot to the DC Extended Universe.

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Although no official overtures have been extended to Jenkins yet, opportunities are sure to be plenty, especially given that Disney boss Robert Iger revealed plans this spring to make Star Wars films into the 2030s. During a press event Wednesday for the forthcoming digital and video release of Wonder Woman, Jenkins talked with Screen Rant about whether she'd ever consider directing a Star Wars film. She says:

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"It would depend on a project, y’know. I only want to make movies I understand and feel like I could do a good job at. There’s no world that I - I’m not that kind of filmmaker, I think it’s film by film [for me]."

While Jenkins has clearly established that she has superhero/fantasy film credibility, taking a step into sci-fi in all likelihood wouldn't be that difficult for the director. And while she's being honest about not taking on films out of her depth, the fact that Star Wars films are rooted in character should take any of those doubts she has away. Clearly by the results of the critically acclaimed and fan-lauded Wonder Woman, Jenkins first concern is with character, so she would no doubt be stepping into very familiar territory.

And while Jenkins didn't exactly come out and say it, the idea of directing a Star Wars film has to be appealing in that the film saga from the very beginning has very much been about strong and assertive female characters. Since the framework of what the director achieved with Wonder Woman with Gadot's commanding performance has already been built in that galaxy "far, far away," maybe Jenkins is a lot closer to signing on to a Star Wars film than we think.

Wonder Woman will be available on Digital HD starting August 29, and on DVD, Blu-ray, and 4K UHD Blu-ray starting September 19.

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