Wonder Woman Director Praises The Batman’s Matt Reeves

When Warner Bros. began moving forward with the DC Extended Universe, the studio brought many talented directors into the fold. Zack Snyder may have his detractors, but his visual style has also earned him plenty of devoted fans. David Ayer, meanwhile, took on the grittiness of Suicide Squad to box office success, and now the studio awaits films from acclaimed directors Patty Jenkins, James Wan, and most recently, Matt Reeves, who was brought on to helm The Batman.

Reeves comes after a few tumultuous weeks behind the scenes of the upcoming solo Dark Knight film, which saw Ben Affleck step away from directorial duties. For his part, Reeves reportedly experienced a tense negotiation period that ultimately saw the filmmaker secure creative control over The Batman.

As for Jenkins, she is apparently happy with the hire, replying enthusiastically to a fan on Twitter when asked for her opinion on Reeves' hiring. Read Jenkins' tweet below:

@ItsTheFilmmaker @mattreevesLA He really is. I'm so excited to see his Batman, and have him in the DC universe. Great choice!

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) March 1, 2017

While neither Jenkins nor Reeves were the first directors attached to their respective projects, the fan community has rallied behind both. Wonder Woman has had great press throughout the various stages of production, with each new look at her film seemingly earning it more potential fans and a wider audience. Reeves' addition to The Batman, meanwhile, has given fans of the Dark Knight -- especially this iteration of the character -- a renewed confidence in the project, especially now that is seems Affleck will remain as the character for the solo film.

While pre-production on both films could have been smoother, it seems as though Warners is confident with the directors they have locked into their respective films. Jenkins appears to have a firm grasp on the character and has earned high praise from her lead actor as well. Although Reeves has yet to begin work on Batman, he has previously shown an ability to take the reins of a franchise and turn in a quality product, so the hope is this will be no different.

Outside of just Jenkins and Reeves' involvement, James Wan (Aquaman), Chris McKay (Nightwing), and David F. Sandberg (Shazam!) are all talented directors attached to equally intriguing projects. Hopefully Warner Bros. can continue to find more talented men and women to join the multitude of movies they have in development, and when they do, the rest of the DC directors should continue to be excited for the future.

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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