Patty Jenkins Says Wonder Woman’s Oscar Buzz Is An ‘Honor’

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Patty Jenkins shares her thoughts on the surprisingly high levels of Oscar Buzz surrounding Wonder Woman these past few months. No film this year has drummed up quite the same amount of positivity and excitement for itself than Wonder Woman, which was the long-awaited first, live-action solo film for the beloved comic book heroine. After her brief but memorable introduction in last year's Batman V Superman, the film gave Gal Gadot the chance to truly shine in the role of Diana Prince, and as a result, has made her one of the most talked about movie stars working in the entertainment industry today.

But aside from Wonder Woman's many box office milestones, perhaps none of the film's achievements quite signify the overwhelmingly positive reaction that the film received the summer than Warner Bros' planned Oscar campaign for Wonder Woman, which was reported earlier this summer. In a genre where it's generally believed to be extremely difficult to receive any top honors at prestige awards shows like the Academy Awards, the studio's awards campaign for the film was just yet another testament to the important accomplishment that Jenkins and everyone else involved in Wonder Woman had made with the film.

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While recently speaking with ET Online about the film, Jenkins shared her genuine reaction to hearing about the Wonder Woman Oscar campaign/early buzz, and expressed a real level of gratitude about the news:

“It’s an amazing honor. It was never what we thought. You don’t make a movie like this assuming it would happen so, wow, it is an honor.”

While Warner Bros. planning an awards campaign for Wonder Woman is likely just a logical response for the studio to make following the film's overwhelming financial and critical success, it's not impossible to think that Wonder Woman could receive some recognition - outside of the usual technical categories. While it's difficult, it's not impossible for comic book movies to receive nominations, with films like The Dark Knight and even 20th Century Fox's Deadpool getting awards attention over the years.

Should Wonder Woman receive any kind of recognition, it won't be the first time that Jenkins has had one of her films honored at the Academy Awards. In fact, Wonder Woman was notable for being the first feature film that Jenkins had made in 14 years, following 2003's Monster. That film garnered Charlize Theron an Academy Award for her performance, though, that's not to say Wonder Woman needs any nominations in order to be considered successful at this point. But come awards season, should Wonder Woman be featured in any of the multiple awards shows and guild nominations, then it'll just be considered yet another high point in what has proven to be a stellar return to the film industry for Jenkins.

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Source: ET

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