Wonder Woman Novelization Cover Shows Diana in Action


The buzz for the upcoming Wonder Woman continues to grow as more and more news from the film begins to surface online. The next addition to the DC Extended Universe, Wonder Woman is quickly becoming one of the more anticipated films of the summer.

The Wonder Woman solo film also has the distinction of being the first of its kind, with the character previously only enjoying treatment on the small screen. A new image from the film has surfaced online and it's giving fans a great look at Diana in action!

The cover of the upcoming book release, Wonder Woman: The Deluxe Junior Novel, offers a brand new image of Gal Gadot as the Amazonian dashes into action wielding her sword and shield.

The concept of the junior novelization may not instantly appeal to most adult Wonder Woman fans, but may benefit fans looking for more content from the story. Writers of film novelations (Steve Korte in this instance) aren't typically able to see the film in advance of writing, but instead gets an early copy of the script to adapt. Occasionally plot elements, or certain scenes, will change or be deleted altogether by the time the film eventually hits the big screen. This will often give these books something to offer that the films do not.

The Wonder Woman film is a great way for the character to finally get the established box office presence that she deserves. Wonder Woman is one of the oldest and most respected heroes in the DC Universe. She debuted in the comic books way back in 1941 and has managed to be the only DC character to keep up with the popularity of fellow heroes Batman and Superman.


Many photos have been surfacing online in anticipation of Wonder Woman's upcoming film. The fan anticipation seems to grow with each new photo, but with that inevitably follows the fan expectations and its been difficult for the DCEU films to live up to those expectations. Man of Steel started a little stronger with a Rotten Tomatoes fan approval rating of 75%, but Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice has an audience score of only 65%, while Suicide Squad has a meager 63% approval. Gal Gadot made her first on-screen appearance as Wonder Woman alongside Batman (Ben Affleck) and Superman (Henry Cavill) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice last year. She has also signed-on to reprise the role in both of the upcoming Justice League movies. Hopefully, Wonder Woman will signal the winds of change for the DCEU and put things back on the right track.


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