Wonder Woman Gets a New Suit of Amazon Battle Armor

The Justice League are facing a new kind of foe in the comics, and it just wouldn't be a world-changing event if Wonder Woman didn't get a new set of armor to tackle it. Say goodbye to the red and blue - Diana is going black.

The color of Wonder Woman's armor as revealed in the final pages of the Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 may be fitting, considering just how grim the future of DC's Earth looks. As the title suggests, nearly all of the planet has been "drowned," and for once, it isn't the forces of Atlantis that have done it. No, it's an invading army that has Aquaman held captive in a place that not even a superhero could get to easily... which is where Wonder Woman comes in.

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Since the launch of the DC Rebirth, Wonder Woman has been sporting a costume not all that dissimilar-- in fact, openly based on the version introduced in Zack Snyder's Batman v Superman, and seen later in both Wonder Woman and Justice League. It was an easy decision to make, considering how widely praised the movie version turned out to be. But fans don't need to worry: Wonder Woman getting a new suit of armor in Drowned Earth doesn't mean that the previous design is being tossed out, either.

Instead, it's the color of the armor that seems to be the biggest change, along with some armored improvements. For those who missed out on the first issue of the Drowned Earth special, it was Wonder Woman standing beside Aquaman when the alien attackers struck their first blow. The sudden emergence of a "space kraken" pulled both Diana and Arthur into its whirlpool, spitting Aquaman out at the feet of the otherworldly Ocean Lords.

But Diana? Diana didn't pop out anywhere... until the end of the next issue, with a clear message, and a new look:

We're willing to bet that her new costume has something to do with where she wound up after being pulled off of Earth, but the new armor's similarities to her existing look raise some questions. For starters, is this entirely new armor, or has Diana's standard red and blue costume been faded down to shades of bronze, black, and grey? We don't know where she got the gauntlet or her shoulder pauldrons either, but there must be a reason.

Wherever her journey took her, it has led her right back onto Aquaman's trail, wrapping up a space fisherman in her lasso to try to get her bearings on this strange new threat. We know that the location she's ended up is The Blood Reef, where Aquaman is being held prisoner by the Ocean Lords. What we now need to find out is whether Wonder Woman is strong enough to defeat gods of other planets. And, of course... how the Justice League is going to un-drown Earth.

The answers will surely come sooner rather than later, but for now, we're just going to assume that Wonder Woman needed to look even cooler to pull it off.

Justice League/Aquaman: Drowned Earth #1 is available now from DC Comics.

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