Wonder Woman Villain Doctor Poison is a 'Damaged Person'

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Masked villain

Last year was a big one for DC and Warner Bros., as their shared universe finally expanded after beginning back in 2013 with Man of Steel. Not only did Batman v Superman introduce us to the DCEU version of the Dark Knight, but Princess Diana was finally brought to life on the big screen. Now, Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are hoping to hit it big with Wonder Woman, providing audiences with the best look at the Amazonian yet. From behind-the-scenes photos to concept art, we've been given a number of glimpses at the film as we await this week's new trailer.

For DC, this year is the chance to prove whether the DCEU is viable, as both Wonder Woman and Justice League will showcase the strengths or weaknesses of DC's approach to filmmaking. Given the success of Suicide Squad, many are hoping to see Wonder Woman follow suit and introduce a new era of female-driven DC character films. Part of that strategy, of course, is not only introducing us to female heroes, but villains who are women as well. While Harley Quinn certainly walks the line, Wonder Woman will be facing her own female foe in this summer's big film.

During our recent Q&A with Jenkins, we were given insight into Dr. Maru (Elena Anaya), one of the film's key villains:

"[Dr. Maru is] an interesting character because, you know, we don't get super into her backstory, but we know her backstory, which is that she's a woman who has had all kinds of damage in her life, and now she delights in bringing - and I've known people like this - delights in bringing that to other people's lives... There is that way of being a damaged and dark person where you're waiting for other people to face that wrath too."

Doctor Poison from Wonder Woman Comics

In the comics, Dr. Maru is actually Princess Maru, a relatively obscure character who adopted the name Doctor Poison and fought Wonder Woman on a number of occasions. Though she's been tweaked over the years, the film will likely hue close to her original version of the character. Introduced in 1941's Sensation Comics #2, Maru is gifted in all manner of poisons, viruses, and plagues. She even uses them in her introductory issue to contaminate the water supply of the U.S. Army. A similar version of this looks to be alluded to in the first Wonder Woman trailer, which also featured a mysterious masked woman.

Of course, Doctor Poison won't be the only villain Diana has to face in the film. We've known for some time that she'd be facing Ares, the Greek god of war and a regular foe of Wonder Woman's in the comics. Thanks to a toy, we already know how Ares looks in his non-human form. It's possible he's pulling the strings of Doctor Poison, that they're working together, or simply that the movie sets him up as the big bad for the next film. Either way, Diana is going to have her work cut out for her when Wonder Woman premieres in a few months.

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