Wonder Woman Director Says Ares is 'The Greatest Villain'

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and Ares

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins has offered her assurances that Ares is serving as the film's main villain for a good reason. The DC Extended Universe movie will pit the God of War against Gal Gadot as Diana Prince of Themyscira, following Gadot's onscreen debut in the role in last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice - a DCEU adventure that takes place several decades after the events of Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

Many fans are hoping that Wonder Woman becomes the first DCEU film that both pleases professional critics and thrives at the box office, as the previous entries in the franchise (Man of Steel, Batman V Superman, Suicide Squad) have only managed the latter, thus far. A solid villain is a good way to rouse the interest of fans, and for Wonder Woman, there’s arguably no badder antagonist than Ares himself; a sentiment Jenkins shares.

In am interview with Comic Book, Jenkins justified the decision to have the iconic heroine face off against her biggest, most dangerous foe. Wonder Woman certainly has an impressive rogues gallery, and while modern comic book movies tend to tease their biggest bads for several releases, Wonder Woman flies in the face of that notion - a decision which Jenkins made purposefully:

"I mean I think he's the biggest villain of Wonder Woman's world, and so I think if you're going to start off big, start off right with the greatest villain."

Ares and Wonder Woman have a long history together in DC comics, with the God of War appearing in the first issue of Wonder Woman back in 1942. Throughout the decades, Ares has alternately played foil to Diana Prince and the Amazonians and acted as a sort of continuing test to the hero’s commitment to humanity. While not iconic on the level of, say, Cheetah, he’s certainly the most powerful of her foes and one that could be a huge draw for fans.

Warner Bros. and DC have a lot riding on the success of Wonder Woman, though so far the signs have been encouraging. Quite literally, Wonder Woman looks different than Batman V Superman and the DCEU films before it (in a good way), purely in terms of color palette. Moreover, this is the first DCEU film to be co-written by DC Entertainment President and acclaimed comic book writer, Geoff Johns.

A lot will depend on how Ares is portrayed in the film, especially after the portrayals of a similar physically-threatening villain in Doomsday from Batman V Superman. While we think we know who will be playing the God of War in Wonder Woman (spoilers in the link), we don’t know exactly what his role in the film will be, nor how it will tie into Wonder Woman’s other antagonist, Dr. Poison.

Just seeing Ares on the big screen will be a treat for many DC Comics fans - though of course, they too will be hoping that Wonder Woman does right by the villain. In the scenario where both Jenkins' take on the Ares character and her DCEU film in general prove to be home-runs, then ultimately everyone wins.

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Source: Comic Book

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