Watch How Wonder Woman Paid Homage to the Classic TV Series

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman

Comparisons between Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman and Lynda Carter's iteration of the character are once again under the spotlight with the emergence of a side-by-side video of how both Dianas come to contact with their respective Steve Trevors. Gadot may be the first big screen iteration of the DC goddess but Carter was the first actress to breathe life into the character when she played her on the TV series that ran from 1975 to 1979. And despite the latest iteration of the Amazonian princess strongly resonating not just to comic book fans, but also casual movie fans, people still fondly think of the classic show as a great depiction of Diana's adventures from a sheltered royalty to a crime-fighting superhero.

This summer's biggest blockbuster starring Gadot opposite Chris Pine as Steve Trevor is directed by Patty Jenkins, who did not distance her film from the classic TV series. In fact, she was very open about how it actually helped her craft a modern take on the superhero that still preserves the character's core integrity and principle. Aside from that, we now have a closer look as to how the director even mined visual cues for some parts of the film.


Recently emerging from DC Cinematic Universe's Reddit forum courtesy of user Captain Oppression is a short clip of Gadot's version of Diana saving Trevor on the shores of Themsycira that has uncanny similarities to how Carter's version of the pivotal scene went down. Even the dialog during the two scenes is almost the same. Check out the full post below:

Despite not being able to incorporate the much-clamored Carter-cameo in Wonder Woman, Jenkins, who is returning to helm the sequel to the DC movie, is still working on bringing the original iteration of the character in Gadot's second solo outing as the superhero. Many would be on board with this, as it would be a great way of acknowledging what the veteran actress was able to accomplish for Diana's mythos. Carter was even very involved during the huge marketing push for the film and was even very vocal about praising  Gadot, Jenkins and the film.

While we wait for Carter's planned cameo for Wonder Woman 2, she has actually already made her long-awaited DC Comics return in The CW series Supergirl. The actress debuted in the Melissa Benoist-led show as the fictional President of the United States who also turns out to be an alien, Olivia Marsdin.


Source:  Captain Oppression

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