Wonder Woman Trailer Preview: Diana Trains for Battle [Updated]

Wonder Woman Trailer Teaser Bracers

Wonder Woman fans are patiently awaiting a longer look at the DCEU's next movie, with promised previews of new WW footage coming courtesy of the Teen Choice Awards. Warner Bros. has heard the call, and even if those anticipating the new Wonder Woman trailer will sadly need to sit tight for one more day, a new sneak peek focused on Diana's rather intense training on the island of Themyscira - and discovery of her unique superpower - has arrived to hold us over.

The preview offers a small insight into the training Diana is put through on her journey to becoming the representative of Themyscira to the outside world, learning that no Amazon is free from the rigors of combat. In fact, she's bound for harsher training than most, delivered by General Antiope (Robin Wright) herself. Swords are lethal to everyone, it seems, but the unleashing of Diana's energy blasts (already shown in Batman V Superman) appear to be something new to the ancient race of warrior women. And judging by Diana's reaction, the vambraces responsible for it are a new invention.

The trailer confirms that the new and final Wonder Woman trailer arrives March 11, apparently focusing more on her Themysciran origin story than simply her venture into man's world (and World War I). It's difficult to know exactly how early in Diana's story this sequence takes place, with only QueenHippolyta's (Connie Nielsen) command to her sister, and Amazon's military leader Antiope, for context. It makes sense for Hippolyta to demand that if Diana is to defy her wishes and train for combat, that she should be trained as hard as possible, eventually becoming the greatest of her people (a standard plot detail in Wonder Woman stories).

Wonder Woman Trailer Teaser Bracers

It's entirely possible, given the details of this sequence, and the presence of Diana's mystical, energy blasting vambraces - which seem to be a new weapon - that this takes place immediately prior to Steve Trevor's (Chris Pine) crash landing on the island. The previous Wonder Woman trailer showed Diana leaping from a high cliff into the water before rescuing him, and Antiope and her soldiers close behind, arriving in full force to attack the German forces hot on Trevor's tail. If that's the case, then this new trailer could wind up filling in the holes and overall structure for eagle-eyed fans craving every detail. Not to mention showing all you need to know about Diana and her people - one leaping in to a rescue, as her sisters plan for the worst.

The preview (and coming trailer) follow the latest increase in marketing, offering new looks behind the scenes of Wonder Woman, more details on the version of Ares she'll be fighting, and the ideas that director Patty Jenkins already has in mind for where to take potential Wonder Woman sequels. But the first one will need to become a hit first, and in that regard, anchoring this preview around actress Robin Wright ferociously attacking Diana can't hurt.

Not only is the cast of the film a director's dream, but the climate is right to launch a series starring women who aren't just beautiful and deadly, but joined together in a society based on sisterhood. Determined to show that the Amazons are anything but easy to predict or stereotype, Jenkins and the studio have chosen to highlight the brutality, the intimidation, and the harsh ways that Amazon women are forged into fearless fighters. Here's hoping the full trailer will give us even more.

Update: Two more sneak peeks have been released, showing Diana in London and plenty of action respectively. Check them out below.

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