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One of the biggest reasons for excitement ahead of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was the first big screen appearance by Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot won most viewers over with her portrayal of Diana Prince and thanks to her score and action style, excitement has continued to grow for her solo film. Wonder Woman will kick off Warner Bros.'s DCEU slate in 2017, as the young universe travels back to World War I to show Diana's first venture away from her homeland of Themyscira.

The movie has been the benefit of excellent buzz so far and footage that brings the heroine to the forefront of not just her movie, but also the DCEU. Thanks to the positive feelings surrounding the film, Wonder Woman has continued to draw high expectations with the cast assembled around Gadot, as well as Patty Jenkins directing. With the summer release date nearing, the next trailer could be coming very soon.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in Wonder Woman

It would be quite surprising for WB to release the final trailer for one of their biggest films of the year three months ahead of release, instead of releasing another one closer to Wonder Woman's June theatrical release date. The film has so far gotten two trailers (including the Comic-Con preview from last summer), as well as a handful of international trailers that feature little to no additional footage.

Even though most are eager to see much more from Wonder Woman's solo adventure, WB may be trying to learn from past mistakes of over-marketing BvS and spoiling the big bad. The minimal run time could be to try and show as little as possible to avoid any potential spoilers, but it would also be odd for the complete film to have less than six minutes of trailer footage released in total. If the movie features a different baddie than the all-but-confirmed Ares, the Wonder Woman trailers may not be able to convey a spoiler-free narrative. Either way, it appears that more footage will be arriving soon, be it in the form of the final Wonder Woman trailer or not.

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