Wonder Woman Toys May Confirm Movie's Villain

Justice League (2017) images - Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot)

After a 2016 that saw numerous ups and downs, Warner Bros. is hoping 2017 brings far better fortunes for the DC Extended Universe. The franchise sees two installments hit theaters this year, Wonder Woman and Justice League. There's obviously a great deal of interest in both, but the former in particular is seen as a potential watershed moment for the DCEU and the comic book genre in general. Directed by Patty Jenkins, Wonder Woman is the first female-led superhero film released in the shared universe era. Gal Gadot first appeared as Diana Prince in last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, and her well-received performance increased anticipation for her solo venture.

WB has done a great job marketing the movie so far, releasing multiple trailers that have earned an enthusiastic response. Many are excited to see Wonder Woman fight alongside humanity in World War I, learning about her origins and culture before she continues to evolve in Justice League. Much of the promotion has dealt with Diana and her various allies, be they from Themyscira or Earth. The film's villain has never been officially confirmed by the studio, though there are numerous signs pointing to Ares. Those excited to see the God of War on the big screen will take interest in new Wonder Woman toys, which suggest Ares is indeed the big bad.

Twitter user Anna Gene Ommen (hat tip CBR) uncovered images of the Diana Prince and Steve Trevor action figures from the upcoming product line. The two come with build-a-figure pieces, which allow collectors to create their own Ares figure. You can check out the pictures below:

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