Wonder Woman Movie Tickets On Sale in the U.K.

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Tickets for DC's Wonder Woman have gone on sale in the U.K. on National Superhero Day. There's a little over a month left until the Gal Gadot-headlined DC Extended Universe adventure lands in theaters and so, Warner Bros. Pictures and DC are dialing up the marketing for the film, ahead of then. Among the developments on that front in recent weeks is the start of the #WonderWednesdays social media promotional campaign for the movie, as well as the release of more Wonder Woman TV spots (including, one that may feature the villain Ares in human form) and director Patty Jenkins discussing her Wonder Woman sequel ideas.

There's already a palpable buzz surrounding Wonder Woman, with many fans hopeful that it will usher in a new era for the larger DCEU. WB isn't taking any chances either, using most everything at its disposal to drum up more hype for the movie, including a timely pre-sale ticket launch on National Superhero Day.

The Wonder Woman UK Twitter account announced the launch of ticket sales with an electric GIF of the Amazonian warrior herself, piggy-backing the trending hashtag: National Superhero Day (see below). While some have criticized WB for an alleged lack of marketing for Diana Prince's solo outing compared to 2013's Man of Steel and last year's Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, WB's Chief Marketing Officer has since discussed how its Wonder Woman marketing strategies have evolved and been informed by what worked (and didn't) with previous DC Comics adaptations for film and TV.

Happy #NationalSuperheroDay! #WonderWoman is coming to cinemas. Pre-book your tickets NOW:

— Wonder Woman UK (@wonderwomanuk) April 28, 2017

Early box office predictions have Wonder Woman projected to gross at least $80 million in the U.S., during its opening weekend. While that figure isn't on the same level as previous DCEU movie openings, it's impressive enough on its own and may yet rise higher, especially should early word of mouth surrounding Jenkins' film be positive. Hence, a lot is resting on the shoulders of those involved with the production, including Gadot and Jenkins.

For their part however, Gadot and Jenkins have certainly been doing their fair share, when it comes to marketing Wonder Woman. Jenkins, for example, has discussed the character-driven story and how the unique setting of WW1 not only offers a distinct visual difference to other DCEU movies, it also makes for a truly moving superhero origin tale. If it succeeds on these fronts then it will have already quietened many of the most consistent criticisms of the DCEU ahead of the next installment in that franchise - this fall's Justice League.

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Source: Warner Bros. Pictures

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