Wonder Woman Movie Theories That Could Be True

Power. Grace. Wisdom. Wonder. Serving as the final chapter in the DC Extended Universe before the Justice League forms on the big screen, Wonder Woman opens in Regal Cinemas everywhere on June 2nd, 2017. So it's time to move over Dark Knight, and make way Man of Steel - because it's finally Wonder Woman's turn in the blockbuster spotlight.

While the character’s first solo movie may cover the Amazon princess's origins and her very first mission, it will also be helping to set up the mythology and fictional history of DC's Earth (and its ultimate team of superpowered heroes before Justice League). But the fans who have been following the rumors, speculation, and fan conversations from the start know Wonder Woman may also introduce audiences to new villains, new heroes, and even new superpowers for its star.

To see how many of these rumors prove to be more than just fans' imaginations running wild, let’s break down some of the most convincing Wonder Woman theories we've heard so far.

Ares is The True Villain

The studio has taken a departure from the usual superhero blockbuster marketing, managing to keep Wonder Woman's villain under wraps from the start - letting fans assume that stopping World War I might be her real mission. So when a German general (played by Danny Huston) rose above the known cast members, and was shown to actually be FIGHTING Diana in trailers, it seemed a supervillain might be revealed after all. The initial theory was that Huston's unnamed general was actually Ares in disguise, but when his character was confirmed to be the historical German General Ludendorff, it seemed clearer than ever that Ares's true form had yet to be shown.

Since then rumors have suggested, if not outright spoiled who Ares will be, but even so, his placement in the backdrop of World War I suggests he won't be the kind of supervillain fans are used to. It's one of the ways we hope to see Wonder Woman avoid the 'villain problem' of so many comic book movies, and if the supervillain of Wonder Woman is War itself, you have to give points for originality.

The Masked Woman is Doctor Poison

Who Are Wonder Woman’s Masked Female Villain?

From the first Wonder Woman trailers, it was hard to miss the unnamed German scientist hidden behind a porcelain mask - and for comic fans, it seemed to be a much darker take on a classic Wonder Woman villain. DC's Doctor Poison was one of Wonder Woman's earliest enemies, using chemical gases and injected toxins to control and kill the Amazon and her allies. The movie version seems to be making a chemical gas to threaten life everywhere, so she's clearly stepped up her game from her comic book beginnings. The same goes for her mask, which she originally used to hide the fact that she was a woman - a strategy we don't believe the movie version will be using.

Godkiller Isn't a Sword - It's Diana

Wonder Woman Movie Sword Godkiller Symbols

When Diana decides to leave her home on Paradise Island to stop World War I and the God of War she believes to be behind it all, she takes a few things with her. Lasso? Check. Famous armor? Check. Signature shield? Check. But the movie's trailer have spent a great deal of time teasing the powers of her secret weapon: the sword known as Godkiller, a gift from Zeus to the Amazons... in case his fellow gods got out of hand. Apparently, the Wonder Woman movie will reveal that the Olympian gods of Greek myth weren't enough to keep Ares in check, eventually waging war against Zeus himself. To preserve his race of righteous warrior women, Zeus gifted them their hidden island, as well as a sword capable of felling a diving enemy... like Ares.

That's the official story, at least. In the modern comics, Diana learned that Zeus and her mother, Queen Hippolyta, had much more in common than a hatred of senseless violence. Diana discovered that her origin story of being a "gift from the gods" was merely a cover story, and that she was actually the daughter of her mother the Queen and Zeus himself, making her a demigod like Hercules. All evidence suggests that will be the version of her origin carried over to the DCEU, and if that's the case, then the sword may be... just a sword.

It's Diana, the daughter of Zeus and his most gifted warrior who's the real Godkiller.

Wonder Woman Uses Zeus's Lightning

Justice League Wonder Woman Lightning Power

Everyone knows that Wonder Woman is as super-strong and immortal as her fellow Amazons, but if Zeus really is her father, you would expect a demigod to have some extra powers. Director Patty Jenkins has hinted that Diana will discover some secret abilities in this new origin story, which would explain her creating massive explosions with a flick of her wrist braces in Batman V Superman. But the Justice League move trailers may have revealed the truth behind that power - and it's not her magical armor.

We noticed the use of lightning in the first Wonder Woman trailers, but a pivotal shot shows that Justice League's Wonder Woman uses lightning. Before her origin story is over, it looks like Diana may learn to wield and launch the lightning bolts of her father, Zeus.

Like father, like daughter. Take that, Superman.


We’ll have to see the finished movie to get answers to these questions and theories, and count how many seeds DC has planted for the future. With the origin movie sending Wonder Woman into a leading role in DC’s Justice League, all bets are off for just how powerful, how deadly, or how godlike this new superheroine will turn out to be. Considering the battles will only get tougher from here, the League may need all the help it can get – Zeus’s lightning included.

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Find out more by checking out Wonder Woman yourself, opening in Regal Cinemas June 2nd.

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