Gal Gadot Goes to War in New Wonder Woman Movie Stills

Gal Gadot and Themyscira in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot is mere months away from starring as Diana Price/Wonder Woman in Justice League, but her first solo turn in November's Wonder Woman is building plenty of buzz on its own. Fans at CinemaCon were recently treated to some new footage from the Patty Jenkins-directed Wonder Woman, which Jenkins said in a recent WonderCon panel is inspired by Richard Donner's classic Superman.

The premiered footage comes amid a flurry of new material from the highly anticipated Wonder Woman, including the newest trailer and some fiery concept art. New still images from the film have also been released that show the title character teaming up with Steve Trevor (Chris Pine). Now, there's another slew of new images from the film that showcase Gadot as Diana Prince and the titular superhero, among other key characters.

As reported by SMTV Reports (via CBM), Warner Bros. has added a fresh batch of stills from Wonder Woman that highlight the many different looks taken on by Gadot throughout the film's narrative. There's a shot of Diana Prince with Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen) in her homeland of Themyscira, as well as a photo of Prince with Trevor while undercover during World War I. And of course, there's a couple of fresh looks at Wonder Woman in action. Check out the new images below.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Danny Huston and Elena Ayana in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Elena Ayana in Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot and Connie Nielsen in Wonder Woman

There's also a new look at Danny Huston as General Erich Ludendorff and perhaps the best look yet at Elena Anaya as Maru/Doctor Poison. It remains unclear how big of a role each of those characters will play in the film and who really is the main villain, but it sure looks like the two are working together in some capacity. The new images are relatively CGI-free, showing none of Diana Prince's immense powers revealed in the latest trailer.

The newest Wonder Woman images reveal a film with some impressively detailed WWI-era settings and a similar visual tone to that of Justice League and other DC Extended Universe installments. But more importantly, the previously released trailer revealed a surprising sense of humor, which Warner Bros. exec Geoff Johns said the DCEU desperately needed. The photos highlight what appear to be striking visuals and fun action, and they have a good chance to be infused with the kind of heart and humor that has helped make the Marvel Cinematic Universe so successful.

Of course, it remains to be seen how it all comes together in Jenkins' Wonder Woman. Justice League also appeared to show a sense of humor in its newest trailer, but Warner Bros. has to hope that the film is a success and doesn't set Wonder Woman fans up for disappointment. Still, if Wonder Woman turns out to be as compelling as the photos and trailers have suggested, then Warner Bros. may finally be pointing the DCEU in the right direction.

Source: CBM (via SMTV Reports)

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