Wonder Woman Movie Soundtrack Titles Revealed

The official track list for the Wonder Woman movie soundtrack has been revealed, hinting at possible plot developments for the film.

Ahead of Wonder Woman's premiere next month, the official track listing for the film's soundtrack has been revealed. DC fans are eagerly counting down the days until Diana Prince's first solo vehicle comes out into theaters, hoping that it can reverse the fortunes of the DC Extended Universe and be a rousing movie enjoyed by critics and audiences alike. Warner Bros. has pieced together a nice marketing campaign so far, sparing no expense to get viewers excited about an action packed period piece to show moviegoers how Wonder Woman became the fiercely determined warrior seen in Batman V Superman. The trailers and TV spots have done an excellent job establishing the tone and approach without revealing too much about the overall story.

One of the more prevalent tie-in materials for any blockbuster these days is the soundtrack album featuring the music showcased in the film. Often times, there's a great deal of interest in the actual song names, since they can reveal details about the plot. Those looking forward to Wonder Woman will surely be scouting the score's track list in an effort to discover any potential clues about Diana's origin story, as it's just been released today.

Appearing on (fittingly enough) Amazon, Rupert Gregson-Williams' soundtrack consists of 15 songs. You can see all the titles for yourself - as well as the artwork - below:

1. Amazons Of Themyscira

2. History Lesson

3. Angel On The Wing

4. Ludendorff, Enough!

5. Pain, Loss & Love

6. No Man’s Land

7. Fausta

8. Wonder Woman’s Wrath

9. The God Of War

10. We Are All To Blame

11. Hell Hath No Fury

12. Lightning Strikes

13. Trafalgar Celebration

14. Action Reaction

15. To Be Human – Sia (feat. Labrinth)

For the most part, the names of the songs are obscure enough that they preserve the film's secrets. One notable exception is track nine, called "The God of War." Though antagonist Ares has never been seen in any of the footage unveiled so far, all signs are pointing to him - the God of War - being Wonder Woman's main villain. The fact that a cue on the soundtrack is a direct reference to Ares' title is further evidence that he will be significantly featured during the movie. "Wonder Woman's Wrath" also leaves little to the imagination, since this will probably be the theme that plays when Diana unleashes the full extent of her powers to gain an upper hand in combat. Going by some of the first songs listed - like "History Lesson," audiences will spend the first act learning about Amazonian culture with a young Diana, which should be interesting.

Of course, conspicuously absent is the standout tune "Is She With You?" from Dawn of Justice, which became one of the more memorable superhero theme songs in recent memory. Despite its presence in the Wonder Woman previews, director Patty Jenkins has said it won't be a prominent part of her film. This is because Wonder Woman is about Diana's evolution into the figure we see in Batman V Superman, and "Is She With You?" is more fitting for a "very adult" character. Hopefully that track will at least be teased throughout this movie, and there's a good chance it will be used when Justice League debuts later this year.

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