Zack Snyder Confirms Wonder Woman Sequel Plans

Zack Snyder confirms a sequel to Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman film will happen, though it is unknown when exactly it will be released in theaters.

Zack Snyder has revealed Warner Bros. has plans to develop a Wonder Woman sequel. Anticipation is sky high for director Patty Jenkins' DC Extended Universe installment, which many are hoping will rejuvenate the franchise after a trio of divisive films. Following an early screening of the movie, positive reactions started to pop up on social media, and the box office projections indicate it will be a sizable commercial hit due to the character's popularity and fan demand to see Diana Prince on the big screen. Right now, all signs are pointing to Wonder Woman being the bona fide success story the DCEU needs right now.

If things go as well as people hope, talk of a followup will be inevitable. Last month at WonderCon, DC's Geoff Johns could not confirmWonder Woman 2 as part of the property's ever-evolving slate of projects, but Man of Steel and Batman V Superman helmsman Snyder had no such qualms and announced this summer's tentpole will be getting a sequel at some point down the road.

According to Arthur Wong, Snyder broke the news while on the Wonder Woman red carpet in Shanghai. Obviously, there weren't many other details beyond the fact a second solo film for Diana is in the cards, but it's nevertheless exciting for viewers happy to see the Amazonian warrior become a key part of the brand's future. You can see Wong's tweet below: