Chris Pine's Return in Wonder Woman Sequel is a 'Big Question'

[Warning: This post contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.]


The possible return of Chris Pine for Wonder Woman 2 is a big question that has yet to be answered. With Wonder Woman setting the box office alight with a $100 million U.S. box office opening, talk has already turned to the now-inevitable sequel. While Patty Jenkins has said she will most likely return to direct, with Gal Gadot starring once more, the future of some of the other movie's stars, is still in question.

Pine and Gadot have been praised for the great chemistry they share onscreen as Diana Prince and American spy, Steve Trevor; a warm, naturally funny and sweet friendship that blossoms into true love. However, Trevor sacrifices himself in order to save the lives of others and help bring about an end to the First World War. The final few minutes of Wonder Woman make it clear he has died - and it would be near-impossible to imagine a scenario where Steve miraculously escaped death - as the movie brings us back to the present day, with Diana in Paris, gazing at a photo of herself with Steve Trevor during the war. Given all of that, it would be natural to assume Pine won't be back in the sequel, but this is a comic book superhero movie; anything is possible.

Speaking to Fandango, Patty Jenkins said the choice of whether to bring Steve Trevor back or not (in some form or another), is a tricky one:

Jenkins has already revealed that Wonder Woman 2 will be set in the present day, and could well see Diana making it to America, where Steve is from. It would be possible for Steve to appear via flashbacks, or dream sequences, and it could even be possible to bring him back from the dead in some way. However, given the huge passage of time between Wonder Woman films, that then runs the risk of making Wonder Woman 2 seem highly implausible and open for ridicule, unless the filmmakers think of a really smart way to make it happen.

Given the warm reception the character of Steve Trevor has gotten, and the huge love for Wonder Woman overall, it seems logical that if Jenkins can think of a good way to bring Pine back in some capacity, she will. In the comics, over the years, Steve Trevor has been brought back to life by Aphrodite, then returned as another version of himself from another dimension. In addition, he and Diana do get married in the comics, though in later versions, Steve Trevor is considerably older than Diana and the pair are no more than friends. A wedding would most likely please a lot of people, but then again, there's a lot to be said for an entirely new supporting cast to be brought in, too, and for Diana to embark upon a new adventure, meeting new people and dealing with a whole host of new villains.

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Source: Fandango

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