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Now that the DC Extended Universe's 2016 releases Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad have completed their theatrical runs, attention has turned to what's on the slate for 2017. Next summer sees the long-awaited premiere of the first standalone Wonder Woman movie, with Gal Gadot's well-received take on the character taking center stage. Many people are excited to watch the film, especially after the first trailer became one of the hottest talking points at San Diego Comic-Con 2016. About seven months remain until Wonder Woman's debut, but Warner Bros. is looking to continue their marketing campaign.

It's already been confirmed that a new theatrical preview for the film will be attached to prints of Marvel's Doctor Strange. As fans eagerly await the trailer, the studio has just dropped three new posters, emphasizing individual aspects of the movie's tagline, "Wonder. Power. Courage."

Each one depicts Diana Prince in a different action pose; one with her sword, one with her arms raised, and another raising her shield. You can check them out below:

Wonder Woman Poster - Wonder

Wonder Woman poster - Power

Wonder Woman poster - Courage

In the early going of the DCEU, much has been said about how the franchise's output is divisive, as the mixed word-of-mouth has led to sharp second weekend drop-offs at the box office. Though the films remain profitable for the studio, some audience members have become disillusioned by the approach, and the property could use a commercial and critical hit to re-establish forward momentum. The hope is that Wonder Woman can turn things around, with the promise of it being more "optimistic" than its predecessors. DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson previously praised director Patty Jenkins for bringing "beauty and a sense of lightness" to the project. From the sound of it, Wonder Woman can be a refreshingly upbeat entry that blends humor with drama for a well-rounded experience.

If nothing else, Wonder Woman should prove to be a different kind of superhero movie due to its World War I period setting and exploration of Amazonian culture. A whole new corner of the DCEU is being opened up here, and the footage shown so far is very encouraging. Gadot's casting was originally met with much skepticism, but she demonstrated she was a great fit in Batman V Superman and should only grow in the role as time goes on. The potential is there for Diana to become one of the franchise's standout characters (she arguably already is), and her first solo outing could be a monumental moment for the genre as a whole.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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