Wonder Woman Leads Her Army In New International Poster & Banner

A new international poster for Wonder Woman depicts Diana Prince leading an army of Amazonian and human allies into battle.

A new international poster for Wonder Woman depicts Diana Prince heading into battle with an army composed of Amazonian warriors and human soldiers in support. In just a few weeks (as of this writing), the character's first solo film will be released in theaters - an event that's more than 75 years in the making. Fans are very excited to see Wonder Woman take center stage on the big screen following her scene stealing debut in last year's Batman V Superman, and the early reactions indicate it was well worth the wait. The film could end up being the non-divisive box office hit Warner Bros. needs in order to keep the DC Extended Universe thriving for years to come.

The movie is currently tracking very well at the box office, a fact that can be accredited to its strong marketing campaign that's highlighted the action spectacle, humor, and Gal Gadot's fierce performance as the lead. Interestingly enough, many of the advertising materials made the decision to focus exclusively on Diana, minimizing the presence of Gadot's various co-stars on posters. However, as WB comes down the home stretch, they've started to give some other characters attention in promotion as well. A new one-sheet and some recent images placed the spotlight on Chris Pine's Steve Trevor, and the character also factors into a new international poster that's just been released.

Warner Bros. unveiled the Wonder Woman Hong Kong poster (mentioning the May 30 release date) today. Though Wonder Woman and her iconic emblem are very much the main attraction, the background consists of the various allies she will have on her journey including Trevor, General Antiope (Robin Wright), and Queen Hippolyta (Connie Nielsen). Additionally, the studio revealed a domestic banner featuring the tagline "Justice begins with her," allowing Diana to shine all on her own. You can check out both below:

Professional reviews for the film are still under embargo, but WB appears to be quite confident in what they have. Not only did they screen it three weeks early for members of the press to start building positive buzz, they also have plans to develop a sequel down the road. Of course, the fate of a Wonder Woman 2 ultimately depends on the performance of this first one, but all signs are pointing to it being very successful when it comes out. It's true most of the commercial estimates suggest it will open lower than any of the three previous DCEU installments to date, but that is of little concern since the production budget is "only" $100 million. That's ultimately a blessing, since it doesn't have to demolish every box office record in the book to be considered a success. It should have little problem turning a profit.

Fans were hoping 2017 would mark a turning point for the DCEU as a whole, and Wonder Woman seems to have held up its end of the bargain. As the first female led (and female directed) superhero adaptation of the modern shared universe age, this could become a watershed moment for the genre as a whole and open up numerous opportunities. Many moviegoers have expressed a desire for Hollywood tentpoles to be more diverse, and this is one of the first steps in making that happen. Between Wonder WomanGotham City Sirens, and Batgirl, women look to have a bright future with DC, so this is the dawn of an exciting era.

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Source: Warner Bros.

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