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While Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice was a divisive film, one of the biggest question marks heading into it was whether or not Gal Gadot would prove to be a capable Diana Prince onscreen. The reaction to Gadot's performance was mostly praised and her portrayal of Wonder Woman, the first on the big screen, made many eager to see more from her. Wonder Woman will do just that this summer, when director Patty Jenkins and Gadot usher in the first major modern female superhero movie.

So far, the film has been generating relatively strong buzz that started back with the release of the first Wonder Woman trailer. The look and stylized action of the film has won many fans over and that has only continued, as the general Wonder Woman movie marketing push has picked up speed. Now, Gadot has released a new poster online - one that is just as stunning as those that came before it.

Gadot released the poster on Twitter, in the process unveiling a one-sheet that is simple, yet gorgeous at the same time (see below). Wonder Woman alone is the centerpiece of the poster, with the orange glow of a sunset filling out the backdrop.

Wonder Woman movie poster - 'Wonder'

The release of this new poster is likely just the appetizer to the next big piece of marketing. Wonder Woman will reportedly be showing off new footage tomorrow at the Kid's Choice Awards. There is no confirmation as to what type of footage this will be, so it could be just a small clip from the film, or be the film's next (and final?) trailer. A new trailer was classified last week and expected to be attached to Kong: Skull Island in theaters, but Warner Bros. could have agreed to debut it at the KCAs instead.

Regardless of what type of footage is shown tomorrow, it should not be long before WB unleashes the final trailer and moves the film's marketing into high gear. There is less than three months until the movie is released - and with the studio having just lifted an embargo on the press' edit bay visit, they are starting to reveal more about Wonder Woman. Hopefully, the studio learned from the reaction to the Doomsday Batman V Superman trailer and won't reveal much more about the plot (and specifically the villains) of the Wonder Woman film, ahead of time. Either way, this poster is a great primer and continues a strong poster run for Wonder Woman, which will hopefully result in a great movie as well.

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