Final Wonder Woman Poster Highlights Diana's Warrior Armband

The final poster for Wonder Woman has been revealed. With its release imminent, Patty Jenkins’ upcoming superhero film is enjoying a wave of early critical success, which is certainly a first for a film set in the DC Extended Universe. Most of the praise has been directed at Diana actress herself, Gal Gadot for her natural charisma, as well as a lighter tone when compared to other DCEU films. If that’s not enough to convince fans, Warner Brothers has been engaging in a heavy marketing campaign ahead of Wonder Woman’s release this Friday, including television spots and posters.

Now, Jenkins has released what is presumably the final poster for Wonder Woman that highlights Diana’s warrior armband, along with a proclamation that “it’s her time.” For a look at the final poster for Wonder Woman, take a look below at Jenkins’ Twitter post below:

Unlike the Bracelets of Submission – which help Diana block incoming damage from enemies – the armband in this iteration of Wonder Woman seems to serve as branding for her superhero persona, similar to the symbol on Superman’s costume. Lynda Carter’s version of the character, for instance, lacked any sort of warrior armband whatsoever, though she did have the Bracelets of Submission that are typically part of the comic counterpart’s arsenal. In fact, both the armband and shield in Gadot’s version seem to be heavily inspired by DC Comics’ New 52 universe, which ended last year in favor of DC Rebirth.

A poster that highlights the symbol of Wonder Woman seems like a smart move by DC and Jenkins, as it’ll naturally continue to increase interest in the fast approaching Wonder Woman, as well as potentially drive up sales for merchandise related to the character. This also works as promoting the character as a female equivalent to Superman with her similar ideals of justice and honor, which Jenkins herself has touched on very recently. With how popular Wonder Woman is in comic form, it’s only natural that DC and Warner Bros would be keen on continuing to draw parallels between her and Superman, given the latter’s overwhelming on-screen popularity and success since the character made his live action debut back in 1978.

The newest poster also continues the trend of making Wonder Woman seem like a different experience entirely from previous DCEU films like Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad, which were both dark films both in content and overall color schemes. From previews and posters alone, it seems that Wonder Woman will be a bright and fun affair that draws more influence from films like Indiana Jones than something like The Dark Knight.

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Source: Patty Jenkins

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