Does Wonder Woman Have A Post-Credits Scene?

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Wonder Woman presented Diana Prince's origin story on the big screen back in 2017 and set up her future in the DCEU, but was that future teased in a post-credits scene? Focusing on Wonder Woman's origin on the island of Themyscira, a place hidden from the prying eyes of humanity and populated solely by women, and following her journey into the modern world and landing on the World War I battlefields of France, Wonder Woman introduced audiences old and new to the power and might of Diana, the demigod warrior.

Wonder Woman was released following Gal Gadot's debut as Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016, in which she helped both DC heroes defeat Doomsday. But Diana's appearance in Batman V Superman wasn't just a plot point; it was to help introduce her and her world into the DCEU franchise. Because of Wonder Woman's place in the DCEU timeline, Diana's solo film was a prequel to the rest of the cinematic universe, and it showed what her life was like before she met Bruce Wayne. Wonder Woman showed everything from her childhood on Themyscira as she dreamt of being the bravest warrior to saving Steve Trevor after his plane crashed just off the island, to accompanying Steve back to Europe, believing that the war raging there was the result of Ares, the God of War, and only she could stop him.

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Considering that Wonder Woman is just getting started on-screen, with a sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, coming in 2020, did the first film have a post-credits scene to tease her future? No. Wonder Woman does not have a post-credits scene, despite the fact that Justice League was set to follow after this film and it would've made sense to put a scene in at the end to help tie all of the stories together. Considering other origins stories in that other notable cinematic universe - the Marvel Cinematic Universe, to be precise - have frequently tacked on post-credits scenes to help link in the solo film to that cinematic universe's large narrative, it's odd the DCEU wouldn't have taken the same steps with Wonder Woman to make this cinematic universe feel more coherent.

It's even odder that Wonder Woman doesn't have a post-credits scene considering other DCEU films have had them and those scenes have helped tease forthcoming storylines. Justice League's post-credits scene introduced the new and improved criminal mastermind Lex Luthor as well as Deathstroke; Aquaman's post-credits scene teased the Flashpoint story coming to life in a future DCEU film, and Shazam!'s mid-credits scene functions like a post-credits scene, setting up a Shazam! sequel. But then again, Wonder Woman was a prequel story, so that film setting up Justice League wouldn't have made much sense.

Knowing every DCEU film after Wonder Woman has featured a post-credits scene implies the DCEU may be going the way of the MCU, actively featuring this teaser scenes as a way to flesh out the DCEU world, even though it's not as connected as it was originally supposed to be. With this in mind, Wonder Woman 1984 could also feature a post-credits scene to tease either the next solo Wonder Woman story or an upcoming film featuring other superheroes. But alas, fans won't find out until the film comes out in 2020.

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