Wonder Woman Cinematographer Calls Patty Jenkins 'Great Collaborator'

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Wonder Woman director of photography Matthew Jensen is all praise for the film's director Patty Jenkins. Jensen is not really new with working for superhero/comic book movies, he did Fox Marvel Universe's 2015 iteration of Fantastic Four. However, this is the first time he has worked with the 45-year-old filmmaker who he dubs as a "great collaborator" - a great compliment especially when she decided to make the entire movie with the use of film calling out for more work compared to doing digital photography.

In a time where movies are mostly and preferably shot digitally, Wonder Woman made the conscious effort to shoot the whole project on film. This is despite the fact that doing so will require more effort and more work for the production team. The reason for it being, Jenkins explained is that, there is something that significantly sets a movie done the old school way apart from the rest of its contemporaries. Given this, Jenkins and Jensen had to work extremely close together in order to capture the exact look and feel they want the Gal Gadot-starrer to have. And it seems that they enjoyed working with each other that Jensen had nothing but good things to say about the director.

In an interview with IGN, Jensen only has the glowing words for Jenkins. He reveals that despite the filmmaker having a clear vision of how she wanted the film to look, she gave him enough wiggle room to do his job at the best of his abilities.

"Well, Patty’s great. Patty is just a thunderbolt of energy and enthusiasm and was a great collaborator, really trusted me to run with a lot of ideas that she had and allowed me to expand. The best thing that I could say about Patty is that when I got the job and we were early in prep Patty was trying to convey to some storyboard artists what she wanted Wonder Woman to do in a certain sequence and how she was supposed to move and Patty got up in the room and started acting out physically what Wonder Woman was doing complete with sound effects and choreography and I sat there sort of amazed that she was doing this with complete gusto and no self-consciousness. She was just, she was Wonder Woman. And I thought this is great, she’s gonna be a great person to work for."

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The grandiose scale of the film is highlighted in a recently released behind-the-scenes featurette which takes gives the audience a sneak peek to the process that everyone had to go through to put up a project as big as Wonder Woman. From actors training to costume design, every tiny bit of detail was given careful attention. However arguably one of the most impressive of them all are the set designs and shooting locations and how they seem to have come to life on the screen.

Given that Wonder Woman explores a different time in history, its cinematography is very crucial in nailing the feel of it. Where it is on the shores of the lush Themyscira or the gray and gloomy London in the midst of World War I, its backdrop and how it contrasts to the moving pieces and characters of the film plays a huge role on how its narrative is effectively conveyed.

It is no secret that there is a lot riding on Wonder Woman's success - not just being a franchise of its own but with the rest of the growing DC Extended Universe. And basing from the early positive reviews that the film has been getting, it appears that the good rapport between Jensen and Jenkins (and presumably the rest of the cast and crew) of the DC project exuded on the way the film turned out to be.

Sources: IGN

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