Obviously, any move to change Wonder Woman’s origins will bring massive scrutiny and skepticism. Even if our case for why a massive twist wouldn’t necessarily change all that much is convincing, a Kryptonian Wonder Woman rules out the mythical monsters and supernatural drama that Diana has encountered throughout her career.

Both Thor and Thor: The Dark World proved that comic book movie audiences enjoy a little magic, mysticism and mythology with their capes and cowls, and out of DC’s most well-known heroes, Wonder Woman is the best fit for that genre of adventure. Even if a demystified Diana can create stronger character bonds with her human and Kryptonian colleagues, missing out on the fantastic fiction that so far has only been hinted at is a true sacrifice.

Fans can debate whether that brand of action or drama was ever on the table for Warner Bros., since it would stand solidly apart from their most successful projects. But if DC and Warner Bros. were sacrificing Wonder Woman‘s surreal storylines for the sake of cohesive tone in a Justice League universe, they may be able to look elsewhere for fantasy.

Justice League Dark battle Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

Lest we forget, DC and Warner Bros. are planning on putting out plenty more movies than just those following Justice League members, and if they need to feed the hunger for fantasy or mythology outside of Wonder Woman, they’ve got options. And according to reports, David S. Goyer is the one driving the bus.

At present, a Sandman film (about as surreal as a comic can possibly get) is moving forward with Joseph Gordon-Levitt attached, and the momentum behind a Fables film and Guillermo Del Toro’s long-awaited Justice League Dark project seems to simply be waiting for the right stage of WB’s plan.

That variety is no substitute for seeing Wonder Woman go toe-to-toe with the monsters and giants of Greek mythology, but it may not rule out a less grounded side to the DC movie universe.

Wonder Woman Metal Leather Logo Wonder Woman As A Kryptonian   Would It Be So Bad?

Our case for why a Kryptonian Wonder Woman may not be the worst idea for Snyder and Goyer – and may fall in line with their usual style – is just that – a case. As always, how well fans respond will come down to how the task of introducing one of the most notoriously difficult-to-adapt superheroes is pulled off.

We invite all of you to share your own thoughts, concerns, and reactions in the comments.

Batman vs. Supermanwill be in theaters on July 17, 2015.

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