Wonder Woman Doesn't Have a Single Deleted Scene

DC Extended Universe movies have made a habit of getting alternate cuts on home video, but that won't be the case with Wonder Woman - since there simply aren't any deleted scenes. Studios put a lot of time and money into blockbusters of Wonder Woman's magnitude for the hope that the entire production process can run as smoothly as possible. While that may be the goal, it is rarely a reality, as directors overshoot and/or add in additional sequences during reshoots. However, it appears Patty Jenkins has managed to achieve this ultimate goal.

Jenkins will forever and always be recognized as the first female director to lead one a blockbuster film of this size and has been instrumental in bringing the long-awaited solo movie of Diana Prince to the big screen. With this can come a lot of pressure to deliver and early reactions to Wonder Woman indicated Jenkins has done just that. Not only did she deliver on screen, but it was her complete vision of the film.

Collider spoke to Jenkins at a Wonder Woman junket and asked Jenkins about the varying cuts of the film that could lead to deleted scenes on the Blu-ray/DVD, or even an extended or director's cut down the line. Well, neither of those will be happening, as Jenkins revealed that even though the film went through small changes during editing, not a single scene was cut:

You know, it’s not like a long journey didn’t happen but what amazes me is how little has actually changed from the first cut other than tightening. Little changes to the final battle, that was really it. I think that what I ended up finding about the final battle was I was hitting emotional points for Diana that I really wanted to hit but I felt a craving for some other kinds of emotional gratification and engagement that we tried to accentuate even more. I think what you learn is rhythm, tone, humor where the jokes are happening but in our case, I just now can finally say all this. We didn’t cut one scene in this movie nor did we change the order of one scene in this movie from the script that we went in shooting with.

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Gal Gadot, Patty Jenkins and Chris Pine on the Wonder Woman set

This is a major testament to how much Jenkins helped guide the film from beginning to end. Thanks to having enough time to work through the script in pre-production, she was able to find exactly the story she wanted to tell and all the scenes that would be needed to achieve that goal. Then, she had the ability to freely shoot her vision and then make that show in the final product. The lack of deleted scenes is not the industry standard, with major tentpoles having several typically, but Jenkins had such a clear vision that she didn't need any extra footage.

What this also means is that the version of Wonder Woman everyone will see in theaters is the definitive version of the film. The consensus may be that the Ultimate Cut of Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and the Extended Cut of Suicide Squad are better to varying degrees, they were not the versions shown in theaters and were the result of post-productions that had their difficulties. Plus, as part of the DCEU, there is no telling if these alternate cuts are canon or not. Thankfully, no one has to worry about this with Wonder Woman and everyone can enjoy the film for what it is, without questioning what else there may be.

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Source: Collider

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