Nicole Kidman in Talks For Wonder Woman Movie - Who Would She Play?

Wonder Woman Movie Nicole Kidman

With filming set to begin on Wonder Woman's solo movie, it was expected that more casting announcements or leaks would start arriving quickly. Not long after Chris Pine (Star Trek) seemed to confirm he has joined the cast, another Hollywood bombshell has arrived, which - if true - proves just what kind of talent Warner Bros. is turning to for all of its films across the growing DC Comics Extended Universe.

The latest reports claims that Oscar winning actress Nicole Kidman (The Others) is in talks to play a major role in Wonder Woman's (Gal Gadot) home of Themyscira, the secret base of operations for the Amazons and their blue-and-red warrior.

The report comes courtesy of TheWrap, who stop short of claiming that Kidman has been cast, or offering details as to the exact role. But their sources describe the role for which Kidman is being sought as that of a "high-ranking Amazonian warrior." But as many are already beginning to speculate, their is no higher-ranking Amazon warrior than Queen Hippolyta herself: Wonder Woman's biological mother, who in the comic book origin story either formed her daughter out of clay, or had a brief affair with Zeus, making Diana a demigod.

Wonder Woman Movie Queen Hippolyta

Unfortunately, being able to make an educated guess as to Kidman's potential role would require some idea of the tone, setting, or mythology that director Patty Jenkins is after. If she is embracing the divine backstory behind Wonder Woman's powers, which has been hinted at by the producer, then Hippolyta may be a prime candidate for Kidman (and for those wondering, Hippolyta doesn't usually do much actual fighting as the Queen of the Amazons when her daughter is around).

However, it's also worth pointing out that in the same origin story that made Wonder Woman the daughter of Zeus, there was another woman who was less than thrilled with the idea: Hera, the god's wife. That role would be a challenge for any actress, capturing the beauty and terrifying power of a scorned queen of the gods - but most would agree that it's a role Kidman could do wonders with.

If she is being sought to play the villain of the Wonder Woman solo story, then what would it mean about the reports that both Eva Green and Sean Bean were being courted as well?

Wonder Woman Comic Hera Hippolyta

Ethnicity is usually brought up a little too often when discussing comic book characters, but director Zack Snyder's decision to cast an Israeli actress as Diana spoke to the character's foreign roots - of course, to the Hollywood masses, an actress who was simply not American or English could have checked that box. And given that move, casting Kidman as her biological mother seems an... interesting choice, at the very least.

With so little information to go on, it seems just as likely for Sean Bean and Nicole Kidman to be the top candidates for Zeus and Hera, respectively. Sure, that means the description of her character as a "high-ranking warrior" seem like an understatement, but not entirely misleading.

That's just speculation for now, since Warner Bros. has yet to officially confirm that even Chris Pine has been cast as Colonel Steve Trevor. We'll keep you updated as more news arrives, but for now, what do you think of the possible casting? Are you impressed that Warner Bros. is backing up the Wonder Woman origin film with such an acclaimed dramatic actress, or did you hope to see a more action-focused performer in the role?

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Source: TheWrap

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