'Bronson' Director Interested In Wonder Woman Movie

Danish writer/director Nicolas Winding Refn create a bit of a stir last month when he expressed interest in wanting to adapt DC Comic's Wonder Woman.  This week, he sat down with Movieline and revealed some more of his thoughts on the iconic Amazonian princess.

Arguably the most famous comic book heroine around, Wonder Woman has had little to no success making her way to theaters.  Long before his name became connected with The Avengers movie, Joss Whedon was actually set to bring the character to the big screen before the project fell apart.  Given the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator's history, it seemed like a perfect fit for him.

But what is the appeal of Wonder Woman to Refn, a filmmaker who tends to make "foreign-made indies rendered with unflinching brutality and pitch-black humor," such as the Bronson biopic and The Pusher trilogy? Refn claims it's the central question that the character of Wonder Woman raises, namely " What if women were more powerful [physically] than men?  What would the world be like?"

Refn went on to propose a simple solution to Wonder Woman's lack of a definitive foe:

"OK, so you create some.  She doesn't have a Joker or those classic Batman kinds of guys.  But she does have her whole world that she comes from, which is fascinating.  The whole idea of a woman who is basically more powerful than any man - and who will always be that, and comes from a society of women who are more powerful than men - is an interesting theme that I think can be very contemporary."

Wonder Woman movie

DCU's Wonder Woman animated feature was a refreshingly contemporary take on the character...

When asked about the potential problems that could arise with showing Wonder Woman getting beaten down by a male antagonist, Refn cited Catwoman as an example where the use of a female nemesis yielded "not particularly good results." He neglected to mention that the Halle Berry vehicle was also an excellent case of all-around horrible filmmaking  - but, moving on... ;)

So how to solve the issue?  Well, here's how Refn put it:

"The trick with Wonder Woman is to find that antagonist who worked so well in the Batman concept - his villains are equally if not more exciting than Batman himself.  Here, it's basically coming up with who would be a great counterpart to Wonder Woman.  Is it her mother who's the real enemy?  Something that's biblical in a sense."

For more from Refn, including his thoughts on Hollywood's attitude with regards to portraying violence towards women, check out the full interview HERE.

So what do you think?  Does Refn sound like he could be the next Christopher Nolan or Sam Raimi?  Would you like to see him take on Wonder Woman?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: Movieline (via MTV)

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