Wonder Woman Gets Her Own Movie Merch Store

With Warner Bros.' film Wonder Woman smashing box office records and amazing critics and audiences, it's no surprise that the heroine now has her own movie merch store. The film is the first superhero movie in the DC Comics Universe to be directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins, and has been certified Rotten Tomato fresh by critics with a current score of 93 percent surpassing the likes of both 2016 DC films Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad which both ranked low on the Tomatometer.   

Now, Wonder Woman fans can shop to their heart's content online at the new officially licensed Wonder Woman Shop where everything from Wonder Woman knee-high socks to comic books to fleece blankets, and, of course, tons of different style tee-shirts and jewelry are available for purchase. Check out a gallery of items and the official statement Warner Bros. made about the new shop below:

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"In Celebration of Warner Bros. Pictures’ action-adventure film WONDER WOMAN, featuring the most empowered and unstoppable heroine of the DC Universe! Packed with a treasure trove of Wonder Woman gear, the officially licensed shop of Warner Bros. Consumer Products is stocked with collectibles, clothing and accessories for every hero in your life. Lasso yourself some wonderful art, iPhone covers, blankets, drinkware, jackets, handbags and much, much more — this store is the first stop for all your Amazonian accessories!"

Some of the exclusive items featured in the shop are the Wonder Woman Movie Silhouette Fleece Blanket that features an image of Diana standing proudly with her god killer sword, a red and gold Sword iPhone and Galaxy case with the classic Wonder Woman symbol, a glimmering Wonder Woman Movie Warrior Princess Curved Metal Print wall decoration, a Wonder Woman Logo Mug with the Wonder Woman symbol, and a blue and gold Wonder Woman Movie Tiara and Gantlets Poster fit for any hero-to-be.

It's no surprise that the studio would want to highlight the film's merchandise just as Wonder Woman is making a killing at the box office and seems to still generating a significant amount of discussion online. Fans have been vocal about their feelings on the film, as well as celebrities -- most notably, many of the stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, who congratulated Gal Gadot and Jenkins on their recent superhero success.

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