In just a few more months, Gal Gadot will follow-up her cameo in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice with her character’s first solo film in Wonder Woman. After nearly stealing the show in her few scenes in last year’s blockbuster, fans are anxiously awaiting the Patty Jenkins-directed film that will act as something of an origin story for Princess Diana, before she joins the team in Justice League this November. Many fans are hoping the movie can help save the DCEU, as the shared universe has had a rocky start so far.

As we get closer and closer to the release date this June, we’re likely to learn a lot more about the movie. There’s been recent talk that Arnold Schwarzenegger may join the movie’s production, and some recently released action figures have continued to tease that God of War Ares will be the film’s main antagonist. Following up that earlier line of toys, whose existence was merely leaked, we’ve now got our first official look at a new line of toys from Mattel that will be coming out in conjunction with the film.

Thanks to EW, you can check out Mattel’s new line of toys and figures for the Wonder Woman movie in the gallery below.

Unlike the more standard action figures in the previous toy tease, these Wonder Woman figures look closer to Barbie in their design. As such, they’ve got a lot more detail, especially in terms of the many costumes and armors Diana will wear in the film. The line is being released this spring, not only to promote the film but so the figures can be on display at the New York Toy Fair. They’ll range in price from $14.99 for the basic figure, up to $29.99 for the ones accompanied by a horse.

Aside from the figures, you can also buy a number of Wonder Woman’s weapons and accessories, including the God-Killer sword on display in a recent TV spot. With so much controversy surrounding films that fail to highlight their female characters in their toy lines, it’s nice to see such a spotlight put on Wonder Woman. Then again, it’d be pretty egregious if the star of the movie didn’t have any toys. Still, it’s nice to see they’re not merely dolls and come equipped with all the armor and weapons that a warrior like Diana will be employing in the film.

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Source: EW

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