Gal Gadot has captured the wonder of original live-action Wonder Woman Lynda Carter. Although Gadot made her stunning debut as Wonder Woman in 2016’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, a solo movie featuring the Amazon warrior princess has been a long time coming. Amazingly, Carter was the last actress to play Wonder Woman in the live-action realm in the late 1970s TV series, since the only serious bid to revive the character – for a new live-action TV series in 2011 starring Adrianne Palicki – fell short.

Needless to say, fans of the legendary DC Comics superhero were thrilled to learn that Wonder Woman would appear in Batman V Superman, but also headline her own solo movie.

Forty-two years after her network TV debut as the character, Carter is proud to officially pass the torch to Gadot as Wonder Woman prepares to storm her way into theaters. Carter, who hung out with Gadot at the film’s red carpet premiere this week, has been very active on social media lavishing praise on the movie. On Twitter, Carter called Wonder Woman a “wonderful movie” and said, “Gal Gadot is fabulous as Wonder Woman.” See her tweet below:

Carter also expressed her enthusiasm before the premiere, saying on her Facebook that she couldn’t wait to see the “beloved character on the big screen where she belongs.”

It’s wonderful to see how excited Carter is for the release of Wonder Woman. Since Carter stated previously that she would not be making a cameo in the film, hopefully the director of the next Wonder Woman solo movie, which is currently in development (Jenkins has already said she wants to return and has ideas for the sequel, in fact) will find a way to work the venerable actress into the action.

Until then, fans will at least have the opportunity to enjoy the legacy of Carter’s version of the character, since Jenkins says she’s included subtle Easter eggs in the film as a way to pay respect to the Wonder Woman series. People outside of the production haven’t forgotten the cultural impact the series had either. An awesome trailer for the Wonder Woman movie was retrofitted with the TV show’s classic theme and ’70s style graphics, and the vintage soundtrack for the TV series is getting a limited release as well.

Fans – as well as Gadot, Jenkins and all parties involved in bringing Wonder Woman to the the big screen – very well know that none of them would be doing what they are doing today if not for Carter’s contributions, so their salute to the actress by including her in the celebration of the release of the film was not only a classy move on behalf of the production, it was an essential one.

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Source: Lynda Carter

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