Wonder Woman Movie's 'Lasso of Truth' Power Confirmed?

Wonder Woman's final trailer confirms Diana's Lasso of Truth will be used to keep men from lying - Steve Trevor, mainly.

WARNING: This post contains SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.


The final trailer for Wonder Woman has arrived to reveal new glimpses of Diana and Themyscira, including some confirmation that her magic 'Lasso of Truth' will be keeping its powers in the DCEU. Not that Diana (Gal Gadot) really needs the help, since prior trailers have shown Wonder Woman's new powers, making her able to blast her opponents away from her before she even has to use her sword or shield. Of course, when the fight demands it... she's not bad with those, either.

But unlike her shield - now used to encapsulate Wonder Woman's role as a protector, and peacekeeper, not an aggressive attacker - or even her Godkiller Sword, that glowing gold rope around her waist gives her an edge before the fight begins. It did in the comic book source material and even the 1970s TV show, allowing Diana to wrap up an enemy, suspect, or criminal, and sit back as they spilled their deepest secrets. Or, in the case of the film's Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), welcome the Amazons' finest warrior into World War I.

Wonder Woman's Classic 'Lasso of Truth'

It may be the DC Comics superweapon or relic most often used as the punchline of a joke, matched only by... well, Wonder Woman's invisible jet. Still, the fact that the world's first superheroine was created by the man who helped to invent the modern 'lie detector test,' who gave her a magical rope that could make enemies tell the truth is stranger than fiction. In all honesty, the lasso was used in the earliest Wonder Woman stories as a symbol for her ability to subdue men, whether by her beauty, her feminine charms, or their willingness to submit to a powerful woman. It could get a little weird, but the point was driven home: when you were caught up in Wonder Woman's lariat, you couldn't help but give her the straight truth.

Over the decades that followed, comic writers took liberties with the lasso's origin, powers, and meaning for "truth" as a whole in the DC Universe. It was made from the Golden Girdle of Gaea, it was forged with the powers of Hestia, etc., etc.. It's connection to the gods and to truth, honesty, reality, goodness, and the nature of things unspoiled or corrupted by evil or illusion. Often used as a way out of trouble for Diana or the Justice League, the explicit powers of the Lasso of Truth flexed as needed.

If it operated by one rule, it was that whenever Wonder Woman needed to appeal to the power of truth-- sorry, Truth, the Lasso would deliver it. And it also came pretty handy in a fight, too, since divine gifts like a glowing, gold rope are almost impossible to break.

The Movie's Version of a Magic Lasso?

With such an iconic tool on her belt, it made sense that when Wonder Woman made her debut in Batman V Superman, she did so with her lasso, too. She did just fine getting the truth out of Bruce Wayne without its help, but when the action demanded that she step up to battle Doomsday, that threaded magic came in handy. It worked to keep Doomsday locked in place as Batman weakened him for Superman's killing blow, without breaking or giving an inch (the ground beneath her... not so much). And in Wonder Woman's early trailers, it got even more effective.

Where Dawn of Justice seemed to be non-specific about just how 'magical' that lasso on Diana's hip really was, director Patty Jenkins got more aggressive. Not only was Diana shown using the lasso to toss about a superpowered enemy in the film's final act, but whipping it in all directions while surrounded by attacking German soldiers. In those moments, the Lasso of Truth seemed to work its magic by obeying Diana's attack commands, wrapping around an angle and grabbing hold, or coiling up to subdue an attacker.

Movie fans may be able to overlook Indiana Jones's whip attaching and retracting without command, but c'mon... Wonder Woman's lasso can't do what it's doing without some magical help. Fortunately, the final Wonder Woman trailer gives a longer look at a key scene - confirming that the Lasso of Truth's powers of interrogation are almost certainly being adapted to the DCEU.

The 'Lasso of Truth' At Work

The scene in question is the one shown here, with Steve Trevor recently arrived on Themyscira, and brought before the Queen of the Amazons (and her daughter). Considering the German soldiers that he brought hot on his heels and the Amazons who may have been wounded or killed as a result, the Amazon leadership has some questions. And to make sure that the interrogation goes as they would like, the glowing strand of rope is looped around their visitor - almost exactly as is usually shown in comic or animated adaptations.

Steve doesn't need to be restrained - obviously - since his hands are already tied, and it looks as if his bulky bomber jacket has been hastily removed and dropped behind him. Fans are left to do some connecting of dots based on what they know of the movie's plot, the lasso's powers, and Steve Trevor's work as an Allied spy. If he's actually capable of infiltrating a German weapons factory and flying to Themyscira, we're willing to bet he wouldn't spill the beans to a strange society of women living on a hidden island in the middle of the sea.

Our prediction? Steve's first instinct is to spin half-truths, if not totally dodge the questioning of Queen Hippolyta or Diana. They're no fools, though, having his jacket removed and binding him gently, but firmly, in the lasso guaranteed to cut to the truth of the matter. From there on out, Steve Trevor is more heartfelt and direct than he appears to be in any other scene shown in trailers or TV spots. He tells them plainly: his mission is to end an unending war, and even these women are in danger. Since it's the truth, Diana see no choice but to stand and fight.

It's anyone's guess if the Lasso of Truth's power is used later on, or shown here (in much the same way as the acclaimed animated Wonder Woman film) as a nod to the fans. We know there will be plenty of secrets in Wonder Woman being told by all sides, so perhaps this weapon will be her most effective. Only time will tell.

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