Wonder Woman Wields Her Lasso in New Movie Images

A new batch of images from next month's Wonder Woman have arrived, showing the DC titan in action and teasing her ultimate foe. While the DCEU is certainly taking inspiration from Marvel's own shared universe, their approach is decidedly different. We've already seen the rise and fall of Superman, got to know a bit about Batman, and had a side adventure with a group of mildly heroic sociopaths. In the middle, we finally got our tease for the big screen's first ever take on Wonder Woman.

As part of DC's trinity of core heroes, fans have been waiting decades for Princess Diana to come to theaters, and next month will finally see that dream become a reality. Despite the smaller budget of the film, DC and Warner Bros. are still pouring plenty into advertising the upcoming epic. The past week has brought us a new international trailer and a new poster has teased Diana's companions in the film. Even more exciting, DCEU overseer Zack Snyder has already confirmed Wonder Woman will be getting a sequel, assuming it does as well at the box office as has been predicted. Now, we have some new images to get us excited for the upcoming film.

Following the release of their new cover story earlier today, EW have unveiled a new collection of images from Wonder Woman. Check them out in the gallery below:

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The shots not only offer new looks at Gal Gadot as the DC hero, but show her in action with her shield and the Lasso of Truth, and behind the scenes with Chris Pine as Steve Trevor and director Patty Jenkins. There's also a great shot of Antiope leading her people into battle, following up the new look we got at Robin Wright's character earlier today.

In between all the heroes, there's also a foreboding shot of Danny Houston as General Erich Ludendorff. He'll be one of Diana and Steve's chief foes in the film, leading the military forces they're battling against. Rumors have swirled, however, that he'll be more than a mere mortal.

While Doctor Poison has been shown as the more fantastical super villain of the film, there have been plenty of reveals that Ares, the God of War and frequent Wonder Woman comic villain, will be the larger threat. His appearance in the film has also led to rumors that Ludendorff is merely a disguise for the God, and he'll be revealed in his true form by the film's end. With Wonder Woman just a month away, we should know the truth of the matter soon.

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Source: EW

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