Wonder Woman Images: Behind the Scenes of Diana's Big Adventure


DC and Warner Bros. are making the final marketing push for Wonder Woman ahead of its June 2 release date. The final trailer for the Patty Jenkins-directed film is expected to drop soon and details about the movie’s villain, which remain scarce, continue to trickle out. Despite the promotion for Wonder Woman that has already been released, there has yet to be any kind of comprehensive inside report on the production - until this week.

It became known in recent days that Empire magazine would release an exclusive behind-the-scenes story on the making of Wonder Woman as part of the film’s final months of promotion. A select few have apparently obtained copies of the new issue, which is set to arrive on newsstands Tuesday - and a new tweet reveals some of the photos that Wonder Woman fans can expect to see.

The Geek-O-Rama Twitter account was one of the companies who apparently acquired an advance copy of this week’s Empire magazine, as it posted photos from the new issue on Tuesday. The Venezuela-based account tweeted four scans from Empire’s exclusive inside look at the making of Wonder Woman, including a short of Gadot as the titular superhero as compared to what appears to be a storyboard or piece of concept art. Gadot also tweeted the magazine’s cover, which is different from the subscriber exclusive cover revealed on Monday (see below).

Aparecen en la web nuevas imágenes y arte conceptual de #WonderWoman, de la versión impresa de la revista Empire.


— Geek-O-Rama (@GeekoramaVE) February 21, 2017

The photos also include shots of Gadot on set with a green screen, a photo of Gadot as Diana Prince with Connie Nielsen as Queen Hippolyta and a look at Prince touching what is apparently the “God-Killer” sword. There’s also a shot of Gadot as Diana Prince when she goes undercover during World War I and a look at actor Danny Huston, whose character may be linked in some way to the supervillain Ares.

The Empire photos suggest that the magazine’s inside look at the making of Wonder Woman will cover all of the different narrative threads that Gadot’s character will have to tackle. Beginning as an Amazonian princess, then going undercover during WWI, then completing her transformation into Wonder Woman, Prince faces a complex, wide-ranging arc in her journey - from discovering the atrocities of war to joining in the fight herself.


It’s unclear how much new information, if any, that Empire will reveal in the new issue. Fans have to hope that the magazine’s new material isn’t limited to just the photos. Still, the behind-the-scenes glimpses indicate that the process behind the film’s visual effects will be revealed, and the shot of Huston suggests that more about his character will become known. Regardless of how much the magazine ultimately reveals, the issue is certainly a must-read for Wonder Woman fans.

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Source: Geek-O-Rama, Gal Gadot

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