Wonder Woman Sneak Peek Airing During Gotham Tonight

DC fans tuning into tonight's episode of Gotham on FOX will be treated with a sneak peek of the forthcoming DCEU movie Wonder Woman.

Gal Gadot in Wonder Woman

Fans of FOX's Batman prequel series Gotham will get to see a sneak peek of Warner Bros.' highly anticipated film Wonder Woman during a commercial break in tonight's episode, 'These Delicate and Dark Obsessions'. Wonder Woman will be the fourth entry in the DC Extended Universe following Man of Steel in 2013, Batman V Superman in 2016 and Suicide Squad in the same year.

Gal Gadot's incarnation of the iconic female superhero was first introduced in Batman V Superman to a very positive reception and both her Diana Prince and Wonder Woman personas were showcased. The character will also be a key figure in this year's other DCEU offering, Justice League. The solo movie, however, will provide the superhero's origin story and background and will be set during the First World War, explaining Prince's fragile relationship with mankind.

FOX has released a commercial confirming that tonight's episode of Gotham (May 1st) will feature a sneak peek of Wonder Woman (see the video below). Unlike the Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC's cinematic and television output do not take place in the same narrative, however both FOX and Warner Bros. clearly know a prime marketing opportunity when they see one.

A similar tactic was employed during the promotional campaign for Batman V Superman and although the clip was only around sixty seconds long, it did provide fans with plenty of new footage that hadn't yet been seen in other trailers and TV spots. As such, it's likely that a similarly fresh clip will be aired tonight for Wonder Woman.

Reaction to the Wonder Woman trailers thus far has been very much positive and as previously mentioned, the character was one of the most warmly received elements of Batman V Superman. Warner Bros. executives have claimed to be very confident about the movie and have suggested that lessons have been learned from the criticism of other movies in the DCEU, such as the overly dark and serious tone. As such, there is plenty of hope among fans that Wonder Woman will be the DCEU film that finally brings both critical and commercial success after other releases have been fairly divisive.

With that said, arguably the biggest problem with the DCEU thus far has been the lack of depth in character and story. All three movies currently released have looked extremely promising in the trailers and promotional material leading up to their release and it's only when the movies have hit theaters that criticism of a lack of substance has begun. Whether Wonder Woman can buck that trend, only time will tell.

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Gotham continues tonight (May 1st) with 'These Delicate and Dark Obsessions' on FOX.

Source: Batman-News

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