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Funko rolls out their line of Wonder Woman exclusives, including Dorbz, PopVinyls, and Rock Candy figures. The movie itself is less than two months away, and while fans wait to see the first lady of DC comics in her own solo movie, they are being treated to some sneak peeks at the tie-in merchandise for the film. So far, a Wonder Woman LEGO set has been revealed, which included a large LEGO Ares, sparking further speculation that the God of War is going to play a part in the film. In addition, Mattel showed off a sneak peek at some of their figures that will be arriving exclusively at Walmart this month.

As with any major blockbuster, especially a superhero one, toys, collectibles and merchandise are big business, and there are sure to be plenty more on offer once the movie hits theaters. For many collectible fans, however, it's Funko that is the big name in affordable figures - and the toy giant has now revealed their full line of Wonder Woman exclusive figures.

Funko posted images of seven of their upcoming Wonder Woman exclusives on their blog today, including some available now and others that will be available next month. The exclusives include a Dorbz of Wonder Woman in her classic costume (Walmart exclusive), a Rock Candy figure of her in her classic costume with sword and shield (Hot Topic exclusive), a PopVinyl showing her on one knee with her shield in front of her (Walmart exclusive), a PopVinyl  of her in her Themyscira costume with her shield (Hot Topic exclusive), a PopVinyl of her in a blue evening gown with her sword (GameStop exclusive), a PopVinyl of her as Diana Prince with her shield (Entertainment Earth exclusive) and finally, a PopVinyl set of Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (FYE exclusive).

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These exclusives are in addition to the previously announced Funko figures for the film (which include Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor and Hippolyta PopVinyls, another Rock Candy figure, and a Pocket Pop keychain). The Diana Prince PopVinyl has also been seen already, when Funko revealed it last month.

These new Funko figures are bound to sell well, as the film is one of the most anticipated of the year, and fans love the Funko brand. PopVinyls have become one of the most popular collector items, with figures available from a massive number of franchises. It's likely that there will even be more Wonder Woman PopVinyl figures announced in the future if the movie does well, as especially popular films often have multiple PopVinyl collections released. Of course, not every fan of DC is going to be a fan of these figures, but for Funko collectors, these will make an adorable addition to the display cabinet.

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