Wonder Woman: WWI-Era Diana Gets a POP! Funko Figure

Wonder Woman Trailer 2 - Civilian clothes

There are a lot of DC Extended Universe films in some stage of development right now, but Wonder Woman is for certain the next one hitting the big screen. The film is set to arrive in theaters this June - and with the final Wonder Woman trailer having recently hit the scene, DC and Warner Bros. Pictures' marketing for the movie is in full swing, in celebration of one of DC's most popular characters finally getting her cinematic due.

While the film begins shortly after Diana's appearance in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Wonder Woman primarily takes place during World War I: the time period in which Diana first entered the world of mortals and took the name Wonder Woman. Joining the conflict, she faces off against Doctor Poison and Ares, the God of War, but also spends a considerable amount of time in civilian garb with Steve Trevor and his allies. Those scenes we've witnessed so far have a similar feeling to those in Thor, with the godlike Diana confused by the world of humans.

To celebrate the contradiction that is Princess Diana posing as Diana Prince, Funko have revealed a new exclusive POP! vinyl featuring Diana in her civilian garb, while maintaining her trusty shield. POP! Vinyls has the first image of the figure, which will only be available from Entertainment Earth. Check it out below:

Wonder Woman Diana Prince Funko Pop Figure

Lately, just about every film and TV show has been getting the Funko treatment. We've seen figures for The Dark Tower movie confirmed to arrive this summer, as well as Spider-Man: Homecoming figures showing off a few of Peter Parker's different looks in the film. A few months back, we even got some concept art for a number of Justice League figures, though they didn't include this version of Wonder Woman.

Meanwhile, we've been learning a lot about the Wonder Woman movie of late. The film seemingly pays tribute to Richard Donner's Superman, based on certain clips that have been included in the Wonder Woman trailers. We've also learned that the movie blends classic Wonder Woman and New 52 comic book lore, when it comes to creating Diana Prince's origin story for the DCEU. Assuming that the film is a hit, DC and director Patty Jenkins will get to explore even more of Wonder Woman's backstory, as Jenkins already has ideas for a sequel. With Wonder Woman just a few months away, expect even more news to emerge soon.

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Source: POP! Vinyls (via CBR)

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