WARNING: This article contains MASSIVE SPOILERS for Wonder Woman.

DC’s biggest heroine has arrived, which means every Wonder Woman easter egg, cameo, secret connection to the DCEU, and niche nod to DC Comics is being placed under the microscope. Director Patty Jenkins made sure to pay tribute to the comic book mythology and origin story of Diana of Themyscira, and the results speaks for themselves. This may be Wonder Woman’s very first feature film… but it’s hard to find elements of her origin story or the history of the Amazons that aren’t adapted into DC’s movie universe.

These secrets vary from specific moments in DC Comics history being alluded to (only noticed by the die-hard fans) to the subtlest of story details and production design fans of modern superhero movie-making have come to expect. And even if Wonder Woman is a new style in the DCEU thanks to taking place primarily a century before the rest of the universe, that doesn’t mean there are any fewer goodies to search for in, around, and behind the action.

Needless to say, there will be some major SPOILERS in our breakdown of Wonder Woman Easter Eggs & Comic References.

20. The White Peacocks

Wonder Woman Movie Hippolyta Young Diana Wonder Woman Easter Eggs & Comic References

In the original comics, the question of how a society of women would be able to survive on a single, remote island was easily answered. While on Themyscira, no Amazon would need sustenance to retain her full strength and health, which is why you’ll rarely see Amazons sewing crops, or feeding livestock. That doesn’t mean there isn’t any wildlife on the island, even if the movie doesn’t highlight much more than horses. But keep your eyes peeled to the background of a handful of shots, and these regal birds are hard to overlook.

They appear to be leucistic or albino peacocks: male members of the peahen species with longer tails, best known for using their extravagant coloring to attract a female mate. Their presence suggests that on Themyscira, men are still relevant to reproduction, in the world of proud fowl, at least. But the idea that males ‘court’ women is completely done away with. These birds are beautiful, yes… but guileless.

19. Born From The Lake Bed

Wonder Woman Movie Hippolyta Antiope Wonder Woman Easter Eggs & Comic References

The story of the Amazons has changed a bit over the run of Wonder Woman comics, sticking closer to, or straying farther from the mythological accounts. The Amazons get a new DCEU origin in this film, and as comic book fans might expect, the story Queen Hippolyta tells her daughter has a few subtle nods to what came before. It begins with an account of mankind’s creation, before Zeus realized that he would need some more reliable protectors of his creation than his son, the DCEU’s Ares, God of War. And so, he created the Amazons to guide man back to the light.

Zeus didn’t get the credit for creating the Amazons in the original comic story, with that decision coming from a group of women among the Olympian gods. Having preserved the souls of women who died by a man’s hand, unjustly, these gods created a race of women to give said souls new life. They formed them from clay at the bottom of a lake, with Hippolyta the first born, and Antiope following soon after. The storybook version told by Hippolyta to Diana leaves out the specifics of the Amazons’ formation – but shows them emerging from a lake all the same.